Norwegian Elkhound

We searched long and hard for a dog that is perfect for our mountain homestead. We wanted a dog that is protective and loyal, but great companionship and easily trained. We wanted a dog that will guard our property and livestock but play with children and be affectionate, playful and sweet. There is no better dog for this than the Norwegian Elkhound. We obtained superior working dog breeding stock and through our Guild of Asatru Apothecary and Othala Farms, we participate in preservation of historical and ancestral heritage breeds. Having owned many breeds of dogs, we can safely say the Norwegian Elkhound is a superior breed, a compact, tough and trainable partner and part of the family in our mountain forests and fields. So named for their service to hunters for large game hunts, the Elkhound is a keen tracker, swift in small prey hunting and forthright in predator scattering. It is with great pride to participate in breed preservation, litters raised with fortified diets and abundant fresh country air. They have such a deep, soulful eye it is like a glimpse into the past, of our Northern Viking ancestors that first trained and domesticated this breed. It is fierce, loyal, and heroic. It is noble, and deep in personality and character. Just like the Vikings are reduced to tropes and stereotypes that are destroyed in the profound spiritual and poetic depth of the sagas and lore, so do these animals possess an almost mystic elegance and spirit that blesses the land. There are many interesting alpine dog breeds, many that have become more famous, but the Norwegian Elkhound embodies all of the best qualities one could possibly want in a dog. We sleep easy with their vigilance and protection, and delight in their company and service in protecting our crops and livestock. Truly the most essential part of our farm, which is our life, our world.

Dietary & Health Support Considerations
It is easy to interpret the traditional diet of the Norwegian Elkhound to have included the scrap foods of the hunters, the surplus foods of the owners’ own traditional diets. The diversity of a rural homestead’s nutritional yields and access provide an excellent environment for nutritionally supporting the growing elkhound. Raw, whole wild harvested small and large game and wild caught fish (our elkhounds also LOVE to catch and eat frogs in the lakes in Summer), homestead poultry and their eggs, whole rabbit, ruminant meat, bones and milk, provide a diversity in range of proteins, amino acids, vital nutrients. Garden vegetables and wild berries and fruits, and surplus of large family homestead meals. We feed a commercial dry food as a supplement rather than the staple of diet. We add cultured dairy such as yogurt or kefir for probiotic support, fortify with added kelp and nutritional yeast to each feeding. To keep free of intestinal worms, a 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder to the meal regularly over time. The raw pastured eggs keep coats beautiful. And salmon or liver for treats. Apple Cider Vinegar added to supplied drinking water has been experienced to prevent itchiness. Black Seed Oil added by the drop to food or water keeps immune system strong, and is a must for the pet medicine cabinet for applying to tick bites, soothing skin eruptions and speeding healing of skin issues. Monolaurin pellets for antibiotic effect in case of tick feeding. And Dragon’s Blood (Croton lechleri, “Sangre de Drago”) for the pet medicine cabinet, serving as a powerful antibiotic ointment for open wounds, cuts and abrasions that seals at the same time.