We created this little forest devotional for our personal reference and studies, as well as for our extended and growing tribe. We like to travel light into the woodland temples, and hauling a bunch of books for ritual and wilderness retreats is a cumbersome option. So we distilled what we consider some of the most vital material into this small pamphlet for those wanting a concise, commentary-free collection of the lore. This includes good translations of the Voluspa, the Havamal, The Old Norse Rune Poem, The Icelandic Rune Poem, The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem, Abcedarium Nordmanicum, with corresponding runes, cosmological diagrams, family tree of the Norse pantheon, rune correspondence charts and calendars, and even the more occult, though controversial rune rows, and runic yoga. (These may be argued away by some as tainted, as they arose in the complex world of a tortured past clouded in cosmic forces using humans as proxies in spiritual wars. But they are included because they are powerful and radiate a magical aura, in the tortured genius of that twilight before the full force of modernism. These are complex subjects that the student of the lore should confront, make their own decisions and challenge conditionings, prejudices, and historical contexts and the Occult War.

However none of this context is included, it simply the bare bones chats and correspondences of these systems with the poems we find useful to bring to the woods.) All of these charts are not presented as dogmatic nor fixed, but as templates and possibilities of using and expanding the runes as living, dynamic systems of which to interpret and influence reality. We step outside the deadlocked paradox of the reconstructionist predicament of pure invention or fantasy verses purely academic, over intellectualized validation of authentic ritual and posit the cross-referencing of visionary experience, and direct experience of ancestral memory with surviving primary Northern Lore supplemented by kindred Indo-European traditions. When we say authentic we mean powerful, numinous, healing, dangerous, frenzied, inspired and fierce. The initiatory spirit breaths life into dead bones, the cymatic winds of pure energy radiating the primordial form and codes. No words can explain the taste of this experience to those cling in the incessant, ensnared mentation of the modern mind This is the Magus of the gnostic and shamanic perspective fused into a functional, initiatory worldview protected by the warrior training. The intuitive approach to runes, studied in the depth of the forest and frozen crags, is the best way. Let the poems and symbols saturate your being, triggering and awakening dormant wisdom.

The worst diseases is spiritual. The complete engaging of the mind, body and spirit in healing is the process of becoming whole. Ritual is the key to the deepest level of this process, going to the core of the issues that program reality and cellular function and behaviors. Stop suppressing the symptoms by larping, gaming, escapism into false constructs, alien distractions and dissipation of power. Drink of the well of memory, the skillful means of runes as the encoded secrets of manifestation and knowledge of forms. Let the stories of creation shake off the drowsy amnesia of millennium, the prophecies and words of the High One stir you to great deeds. Let the knowledge be remembered in the the runic twists of branches and streams, in the texture of rocks and bark, in the petals and stems of wildflowers, on the backs of turtles, in the language of the birds, in the runes traced upon the starry night.

We do our best to rush shipments but we wildcraft in the summer and there might be delays on zines as they are printed as ordered. Thanks to all for the support on these writing projects. More to come!