Adept's Training v.1

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The writings from Magus Publishing have increased from contributions and monographs from the Hyperborean Research Society, and our various off-shoots and projects. Contrary to most, we have sought to decentralize our group, to create a labyrinth of publications, websites, groups as a necessary strategy of dissimulation in these dystopian times of censorship and unwanted attention. To strike the balance of seeding a Traditionalist, initiatic worldview whilst remaining aloof and anonymous is always a careful consideration. We want to recruit certain types to assist in research and projects but want to dissuade the vulgar, mundane dilettantes. As simply the publisher of this group, and sometimes editors, we can objectively say we are pleased with the efforts to articulate these core narratives, skillful means, and exoteric and esoteric goals for those that seek to achieve our definition of Adept, Master or Magus.

This is a metasigil for our own private, secret efforts undertaken for Self and Kindred. It is a contract to ourselves to renew and recalibrate where we have drifted, to balance what has become extreme, to strengthen what has become vulnerable. We must define the ideals and assay reality and chart the course to complete our objectives.

We present here an overview of topics, brief digressions of subjects that we have dedicated entire series of writings presented in as a metasigil of our own training and pursuit of the Great Work. Our goals have always been to conduct ancestral research into the esoteric Traditions of the Indo-European people as a foundation to articulate and define a New Adept. We feel that the Western Tradition has been infiltrated, subverted and diverted into spiritually toxic forms of esoterica. What is considered the core of the Western Tradition is a late invention, one we deconstruct fully in subsequent writings but also within this template of training. It is tiresome to have to belabor certain points, but as their residue and intrusions still linger we must address them and purge them from the pure Tradition, to distill the deviations and distortions from the True European Mysteries. Those that have lifetimes and energy invested into such systems will naturally be confronted with such a critical assay of these kabbalastic and New Age intrusions, and will have to reevaluate, perhaps, a lot of cherished notions. We do not write these things to be provocative or insulting, it is just that what is presented and celebrated is, to us, the antithesis of our true ancestral ways. Therefore, there is an iconoclastic yet Traditionalist component in our writings as we purge and calcinate the intrusions into the esoteric of True Europe. There is the synergy of traditions, the solve et coagula of what can be reconciled, but there are some things that are incompatible, corrupt and degenerate beyond transmutation; these must be purged, calcined and obliterated in the fire.

As the Occult War hostilities rise unchecked and the chaos unfold, our goals expand to providing as much initiatic material, of as many skillful means of health, of abundance and of presenting the Mysteries to those lost in the fog of war, spiritual sickness and the amnesia of purpose and identity. The vacuum of true initiatory paths and skillful means are fed with the worst New Age caricatures of the Way. People fill the void of true purpose with every distraction, socially engineered causes of justice that are trojan horses for destroying Tradition, erasing the past, severing one from their ancestors. As the vacuum of legitimate initiatory teachings is filled with the worst anti- and counter-traditional poison, we must present and articulate the Tradition.

We attest that we have accomplished or in the process of completing these specific ordeals, labors and objectives that comprise exoteric and esoteric goals that are both essential and complementary. For consultation and guidance in the herbal and healing protocols, feel free to contact for correspondence with our herbalists. For instruction on the more esoteric aspects, consider joining the Hyperborean Research Society.