Alruna Oracular Incense (2oz. tin)

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This is a wildcrafted incense based on on an recipe from late antiquity used by Germanic prophetic wise women or witches, that were called Alruna. It is potent trees and flowers and resins from Ancient Old Europe, using the traditional oracle herbs of the ancient goddess cults of the mystery cults and famous oracles. We guard the recipe, but it includes the nine sacred herbs, laurel leaves, storax and cedar resins. It is a intoxicating potent magical incense. We find the aroma energizing and intensely aromatic, all organic scents that merge and conjure ancient tripods in vast forest temples. Swaying, seething wild women, seized in trance like visions, uttering the cryptic words of visions gleamed. Sending and calling, they bundle the threads of the wyrd and can weave with the warp and woof of the events. Those that ignore them do so at their peril.

A special note, this contains a special herb seed that pops, The pops are used in divination, it is the magical peganon, associated with the pegasus or flying horse. For this reason it is needing to be burned on a plate as the seeds can “jump” and this is also a sacred incense herb used in all of the ancient mystery cults. Even Nostradamus used this herb in his incense brazier for his prophecies.

Alruna (Old Norse Ölrún, Old High German Ailrun, Modern German Alruna, Alraune) was a name for the female oracle that offered prophecy to those that sought her wisdom. She was an inspired seeress. This is a truly ancient function of sacred priestess of the goddess that were the center of mystery cults throughout the ancient world from the famous of Greece and Rome Pythians, to the Druids and Sibylline oracles, and the prophetic role of Alruna, known as the northern Sybil. The name is composed of the Proto Germanic *aliruna (or possibly *agilruna), which is formed from runa “secret, rune” linking her deeply with the unspoken and occult knowledge of the Northern Tradition. We include in the listing a steel-plate engraving showing the Alruna in her function offering prophetic visionary counsel to warriors in the battle with Germanicus from the 19th century steel plate engraving by Leeke.

The true power of the female as Wise woman has been subverted, really dating back to the pathology of the biblical verse to not suffer a witch to live. This planted the seed of the worst atrocities on earth towards the divine feminine and the goddess. Our research has been an exacting and meticulous study of traditional witchcraft as the authentic Western religion and shamanic nature cult. We have on the largest collection of scholarly and ancient libraries of occult and witchcraft subjects, even Universities contact us for access to certain volumes or try to purchase them. The true power of the human microcosm, especially of the empowered female who is connected and rooted in that frenzied natural energy is so powerful it is a threat to prevailing system. This is the root of so much attack on women, from their poisonous media assault of weaponizing fashion, to the hundreds of toxic chemicals in the “beauty” products. All of these are severing the female from natural order, from the seasonal goddess and mother earth energies that manifest as the foundation of the tribe.

Their wisdom and divination comes from the goddess and the unseen world, which is a threat to the desert cults of monotheism. The essence of the witchcraft was the knowledge of herbs, the plant drugs or pharmakon of the witches, These traditions of sacred immortality plants and magical herbs come from Apollo and Hecate, and both are from the North, as Apollo is expressly is from Hyperborea, the land of the North Wind.