Our mission is to preserve endangered cultures, traditions, techniques, heritage breeds and plants as well as to support quality human beings.

There is a reason that recent articles describe the harvesting of American Ginseng as something of the wild west. It attracts parasites looking for the quick dollar. But we support the forest and woodsrunners who manage all in an ethical manner, and learn the old ways of elixirs, herbs, roots of the native people and the old mountain men. We track down these masters, and study, trade, work, and earn their trust and respect. We become as one, family, kindred, working towards survival and preservation of Traditions, of culture, of plants and techniques.

But it also begs the question, why is this herb so expensive and imported overseas? Do you think the millions importing it and paying top dollar just use it for placebo effects? The market is largely Asia, where they know herbs very well and are willing to pay extreme prices for the highest quality. They are not foolish, wasting money on silly things that impart no benefit. The answer is that they value their own native ginseng as well as the American variety to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and manage the erotic or virile energys, especially in men

This is from an old herbalist who has studied traditional herbalism for decades, immigrant alchemical Dutch traditions embedded deep within certain mountain folk in Pennsylvania, with lineages back to Kelpius, the Hermit of the Wissihicken and the mysterious groups that arrived in Europe. These folks never mixed with society, living within Amish and Dutch communities, spreading out to the Applachians, into other mountain ranges. They are found wherever it is remote, in some mossy holler or tucked up in some cabin in the high lonesomes. To learn these old skills, building Pennsylvania rifles, tanning hides, old recipes, ways to scratch out a living from the land, this is a heritage we seek to preserve.

Enjoy this tonic to revive your energy, your drained spirits, calm your adrenals and stress and get a head of steam up, momentum. Such herbal tonics aid in recovery, from stress, from hard work, from too much honeymooning and carousing or whatever it is you do to feel alive from time to time and maybe push it too hard. Adaptogenic tonics balances and aids in the body’s ability to heal, so as always, we make no medical claims. But the traditions of the ‘sang are not mythical, they are based on consistent ancestral use and is one of the most studied herbs on the planet.

Small artisan, handmade batches made in the ways of Paracelsus and Von Bernus, organic spirits, wild ethical crafted. We see some types charging so much for this, but we are so discrete and small with loyal clients that we can’t charge suc exorbitant prices. We stay low key and just want to earn enough to keep the wolf of poverty from scratching at the door of our elders and kinsfolk. To repay a teacher by giving a steady income stream in their deep remote cabins is such a boon. We take the utmost care in spagyric craft, and some think that this word gives a reason to simply charge more. They have reduced it to another operation, something that aids in potency, but it is not spiritualized, it is not truly ‘philosophical’ in the old sense. We produce elixirs infused with the deepest art and technique, using solar methods of spagyricks that we endeavor to teach in our research groups, publications and guild. We thank you for your support.

The Woodsrunner Traders and Freetrappers are thought by some to be a dying breed, but we see their way of life and manifesto as a way forward for many looking to create abundance from scarce resources. So you are getting these quality seeds, which is worth the price of admission alone, but getting a brief introduction into a series of writings we are producing from this old time Sourdough mountain man. He is a true human being, a master herbalist, spagyricst and an old time hunter/trader/trapper in the extreme North. We will function as editor and trade liaison to his traditional trade goods, seeds, tonics, crafts, writings and all the proceeds go back to these preservation projects he conducts in the wilds of the mountains.

Your purchase will give the old timer a few luxuries that he cannot produce himself, it’s too far north and rocky for corn, but some cornmeal is so useful for his projects and a bit of cornbread. Some ammo, new boots, and some repairs and he will be good for many years. We are so proud to present this line of goods and writings and thank you for supporting us and these bona fide living treasures who provide us with the elite herbs, harvested in a traditional, ethical manner.

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