Out in the bush, it is a constant battle against the encroaching forces of rusts on metal, molds on wood or books, of inflammation, of the weathering under the extremes of the elements on the body. Just as we must take care of our tools, so too we must take care of our bodies. The abrasions, the bumps, sprains, bruises, breaks, and sore muscles are just part of the days work. Sore joints and muscles, arthritic pains, all of these benefit from this traditional herbal concentrate. The dry skin, dandruff, acne and other skin conditions are treated by traditional herbalists using this oil with great success. It is a great for the medicine kit for insect bites, soothing sunburn, scrapes and cuts, and for use in post-surgery, post training, for after a fight or if one has chronic injuries or conditions.

After chopping wood, or some sudden accident like slipping on ice, twisting an ankle on a hike, or some other accident, one becomes convinced of the efficacy of these in reducing recovery time and soothing the pain faster. The ungents and oils are part of the sacred herbal traditions of the ancestors. The healing balms, which we will offer as well can be made by adding in a little beeswax or other such substance. This is a traditional concentred and pressed herbal extact in organic proprietary blend of cold-pressed nut and seed (non soy) and wildcrafted herbs. It is pressed fresh for each order.

This is an herb that mothers and wives can convince their husband about as they bring it out for a hurt child, or a pain that is not worth a trip to the doctor but not quite able to walk it off immediately either. We have studied martial arts medicine and herbs for decades and this is one of the best for injuries, all though we do have formula for bone knit repair and ligament, joints that are more potent but of rare ingredients one should only take in extreme trauma. This is a perfect item to have in the purse, the haversack, backpack, medicine cabinet and to make sure to take on hikes, picnics, to the cabin, or hunting. Also great for the older folks who have pains and aches. External Use only.