Artisan traditional spagyric 5x concentrate of organic Russian Maral Root. 4 oz microbatch, planetary energetic herbal medicine in the tradition of Paracelsus and Solazaref

Our journey to herbalism was born from a genetic condition that became a rapid disease, threatening sight and life itself. We searched the world for true masters, living adepts, many helped aspects and taught many skillful means. The training of the Northern spagyric herbalists truly brought about the lasting transmutation to healing rather than suppressing symptoms. But we make no medical claims, but this is the essence of this energetic medicine, the use of specially prepared elite quality herbs. The reason is it is not the herbs that heal, but rather they send energetic messages to the body, and the body heals itself. This is why we have much stress on ritual, runes, sigils, the archetype healing cults of the European tradition. These used a very proactive theurgical, ritual approach to healing using all types of shamanic technologies, herbs, dream incubation, etc. to catalyze the body into self healing. Modern medicine is understanding that chronic conditions stem from distortions in cellular signals. This causes mutations, cell proliferation etc. as the body gets into a negative feedback loop of stress, physiological response, adrenal fatigue, cellular signal distortions, oxidate stress which causes organs to work harder, blood to become thick, waste to become stagnant, biofilms and mucous form.

The true path to healing is an integrative, proactive reassertion of one’s internal process, using the adaptogenic herbs, and making an intentional participation in integrating mind and body. This is the essence of true spagyrics, which takes the plant and processes into its three parts, the botanical equivalent of mind, body and spirit. These are slowly integrated, with the minerals in the plant’s ashes being cleansed and diffused into the tincture. Thus the tincture as a very active level of the plant’s signature. This has a specific affect, known in modern terms as adaptogenic, which help the body’s reaction to stress. It is this particular energetic herbal signal that allows the body to balance and allowing normal cellular function to occur. We use a mixture of traditional techniques and modern clinical herbalism to blend into the most potent herbal formula. This is our vocation, our path, our and how we earn our living. We strive to bring the absolute best from our master teachers, herbs we use for our family and clients for decades. We thank you for your support and reviews! Satisfaction guarantee and free gifts with every order.

100% Rhaponticum Carthamoides 5x spagyric extract
Maral Root named for the Maral deer that eat its roots. This is the supreme herb for men’s health, a potent energizer and aphrodisiac and another essential herb for training and weightloss. Maral root contains a number of compounds thought to influence health, including several antioxidants and ecdysteroids (a type of natural steroid found to increase muscle mass in preliminary studies). This makes it the perfect winter supplement for recovery from the years battles and injuries. It is well known in Russia as a cardiac tonic and nervine with liver protective qualities as well. This is used in training for elite Russian athletes and special forces. It aids recovery and performance during and after work outs. Its a top notch Russian Super food and we have a wildharvested source that ethically manages the plants as they must be harvested correctly. We slowly tincture this in non-gmo spagyric ferment and then distill and calcinate the ash and purify this util it is the purified mineral ‘salts” which are trace elements and minerals derived from the plant. These give the full spectrum of the herb in highly bio-available way. As it take 5 pounds off pure maral to make 1lb of this its a 5x extract.

We first heard of this dynamic adaptogen from a pagan kindred group in Russia that is at the top of the MMA field in worldwide competition as well as reviving the Old Ways, and cleaning up a people that have been devastated by corrupt politics and poverty. They have transformed so many into warriors, and are a shining example to the model of what we are capable of with discipline and training and a connection to who we are and where we came from as a people. This is an identity crisis many fill with exotic foreign cultures because they lack the knowledge of accessing their own rich pagan tradition. The best advice to attune with the folk soul of your own people is to take the herbs that the ancient warriors and people learned from watching animals. The ancients noticed the deer feeding on these roots, and they would bounce around with energy and retain their bulk in the brutal winters. The Rus are all from that mysterious root race that birthed the Northern Tribes, a Hyperborean people of immense strength and wisdom that are attested in myths to have brought culture and cosmology and plants of longevity and immortality.

This is a Bogatyr (Russian berserker warror) secret herb, attested to in the folklore as giving immense power and sexua virility as well. Used by the Russian athletes and military extensively. Check our reviews, it really works! Builds muscle mass!*

*we make no medical claims and statements are not evaluated by FDA