Berserker Superfood Protein Powder 12.5 Protein packed ounces! a huge number of servings. Free gifts with every order. We try to cancel out the shipping with samples or pendants or patches, depending on the size of the order.

Artisan produced, ultra-fresh, microbatch, all our own extractions from our clinical herbal practice, formulated for exercise, muscle gain, weight loss, pre-workout and recovery, and training for elite individuals using elite level herbs. All ingredients are organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic gardened. This is what we use when its time to get serious in a new level of health and training. A nutrient dense fasting supplement, to give the body essential muscle building compounds. There is a euphoric bliss with some on drinking this, because there body is starving for minerals and nutrients, the ph is likely acidic, and and their cells have become accustomed to a lethargic chronic fatigue. Drinking this is like imbibing pure sunshine, like the ancient forest minerals coarse through your bodies, the fungal complexes, the nutrient dense organic greens, the fulvic and humic acid of Russian shilajit, the forest and meadow pollens, the artic roots all synergize into a superfood. The superfoods of the North, and even the regular vegetables which are all sourced from Northern countries, are superior because of the short growing season, and they have thereforer to adapt to processing sun at a higher level, producing the ost amazing and intense properties.

12.5 oz, 12 -17 large servings, or can be broken down to lighter infusions and taken throughout the day. We actually prefer the latter method, keeping well hydrated with the constant “sipping” of nutrients when pangs of hunger hit, and taking just enough to resolve that craving. This is a shamanic, warrior training method of conditioning the body. The fasting as a shamanic tradition, using herbs to heal, is a ancient Indo-European tradition. This is a great powder to bring to the gym are perfect to pack for hiking, turing your treks into the woods into training and healing initiations. To retire to the woods with your basic kit, your basic food, and heal in the silent power of the forest is a true medicine.

This is a powerful, protein and superfood packed blend for any liquid, like smoothies, water, milk. It consists of all organic or wildcrafted ingredients, all non-gmo, no fillers, chemicals or solvents. each scoop offers 20 grams of vegan protein,alkaline greens, mycomedicinal extracts, mineral rich shilajit, superfood/adaptogens to boost recovery, immune system, energy. The taste is very mild, almost tasteless, because they are custom blended low-heat extracts of the herbs, and the alkaline seaweeds and vegetables give a “green” flavor that is easy to bend into liquids, smoothies, etc.

We use a base of organic Russiann non-hemp seed protein, and organic non-gmo Canadian pea protein, with organic broccoli, spinach, barley grass, chlorella, Icelandic moss, Icelandic sea kelp, Nordic Pine pollen crack-walled powder, organic Finnish Chaga extract powder, organic Icelandic Rhodiola powder, German wildcrafted Lion’s Mane extract powder, organic Russian mumio/shilajit extract powder, organic Siberian Ginseng powder, organic Icelandic stinging nettle powder, Swedish/Icelandic flower pollen, organic German beet root powder, organic Icelandic billberry extract powder,digestive enzymes, mineral cell salts, trace elements. Western Russia is full of beautiful, nutritious hemp and they have taken a stand against GMO and are now the world’s largest producers of organic foods. We use what there elite athletes train with, an organic gmo-free hemp protein isolate. We also source from the Great Northern forests of Canada a source for organic pea protein isolate, a nutrient dense crop of bio-available protein.

You have the protein, the minerals, the synergy of all those Northern superfood adaptogens, the digestible greens for chlorophyll, nutrients, and antioxidants, the detox and minerals of seaweeds and kelp, moss. The synergy with the the complex therapeutics of forest mushrooms. We think this is the supreme superfood powder, and consider it a work of our Art, an expression of our passion for health, traditional Northern Herbs and giving you absolute quality. You can use this as any supergreen powder, but we use it for transformative ritualization of life, where training, Euro-aboriginal shamanic traditions, and alchemy combine to carve meaning out of life.

Fasting is a quintessential part of every healing, shamanic, warrior and mystical tradition. Proper fasting is about different levels of detoxificaton, beyond ascetic discipline and mystical experience. To supply the body properly, one needs nutrient dense foods that take the workload off of the digestive system. The digestive track gets clogged much like a drain pipe does when undigested material starts to line the intestines. The word used for this in Ayurveda is “ama” a sludgy, slime of accrued waste. This often is the reason people are sluggish, irregular, have heartburn. We are living in the perfect storm of pollution, especially glyphosate which despite all the propaganda is killing gut health. This is why a lot of people think they are gluten free but are really suffering from death to the gut flora that is essential for digesting food. At this point more stomach acid is often produced, and heavy foods, and irregular eating habits have the body out of sync, producing too much acid at the wrong times, or not enough. Then the body starts to get sluggish, the blood is thickened, from the accrued waste, the kidneys and liver have to work harder, the heart has to work harder to pump thicker blood. These are the core issues underlying much ill health. This is why traditional cultures ate fermented foods, took digestive bitters and greens with meals, and fasted often. This, in our fastiing pack, or with the Swedish digestive bitters, is a formulated supplement to replace meals and balance adrenals, give crucial minerals, and balance ph. The balancing of adrenals with nutrient dense herbs and enzymes allows for a healthy way to lose weight, reduce stomach acid, gain lean muscle, energy and sexual vitality.

We call this the Berserker mix because they are consecrated to Odin, who fasted upon the world tree in pursuit of knowledge, and thus realized the depth fo the runes. He sacrificed self to Self. Having been through deep illness and shamanic healing, the true level of what makes the difference is Will and energy and intention. The herbal catalysts must be met half way with a deep appreciation of lore and tradition, of the forest medicines, of soil. The blood responds to the genetic coding of these ancient herbs, and they produce a synergy that creates a resonance in the body. The chronic conditions of the body are balanced by a combination of lifestyle changes and proper nutrition and the mind training to be disciplined. The motivations for us to work hard and heal and help others heal is our loved ones, who depend on us. It means an unwavering work ethic to surpass and be the best, and for that we put in our maximum efforts. Health is wealth, an investment in health is an investment in self and tribe. All the other items mean nothing if we don’t maintain the body as the primary temple.

Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, we all have to get strong to help those that depend on us or that will one day. We must attain that frenzy and fury to overcome the inertia of the lower self and kill it and hang it upside down as the ultimate human sacrifice, and to be reborn the true Master. He is one who understands the codes of the universe, who speaks intention into existence and carves the world he envisions into being from raw power and force of Will. The warriors and shamans had to retreat to the forest and learn to live off the forest. The herbal medicines, the deep saturation of the mushrooms, the herbs, roots, sacred flowers, the secret pollens, created a deep connection with the earth, with the forest, and with the gods. The botanical intelligences transfer their sentience to the cells, distorted, mutated signals transmute back to harmony, health, the coherent resonance of the whole. This is the true meaning of healing, as in the Indo-European lore of becoming “whole” as opposed to the monotheistic view that sickness was from sin. Sickness was a fragmentation, a loss of Self, a shattering of the whole. We have labored under the psyco-spiritual viruses of victimhood and passivity for too long. Heath and abundance have to be roused like slumbering gods, invoked in frenzied workouts, ecstatic rituals in the wilderness, in love and art. We all must fight through the nihilism, the depression, fear, anxiety, alienation, the neurotic individualism, and reach out and make connections, friendships, alliances, guilds. We are part of a guild that supplies herbs, handcrafts, traditional items, in shared abundance and resources. Your investment in us funds many individuals working to preserve the past in the blur of the modern world. We must be shamans, warriors, farmers, craftsmen, healthy, strong, capable.

We thank those that revolt against the modern world by opting out of big corporate and chemical supplements and coming back to natural, ancestral herbs that transform health.

We make no medical claims and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.