An elite grade of extreme mountain tundra grown wildcafted, ethically harvested Russian Ginseng, the supreme adaptogen of the North priced to entice you to give us a try. Experience the warrior’s secret in Russia since ancient times that is also the secret of Russian athletes and military We introduce this in a large 4 oz bottle as it is best taken over a long time, acclimating and harmonizing the adrenals and hormones, and tonifying blood and organs. This is the secret powerhouse to a whole new level of training and energy. It is also known as a potent aphrodisiac. We name this for the berserker like warriors of Russia, the Bogatyr, named for Bog meaning God. Tyr is the god of war in Norse and Germanic paganism. The name bogatyr means “of God Tyr”, meaning that these elite knights were sent by Tyr to fight wars. These are the elite berserker knights and strong warriors of the Rus vikings and Slavic sagas. We give you 4 oz concentrated spagric extract in traditional alchemical methods using traditional copper and clay vessels. We follow the herbal extraction techniques of Swiss alchemists like Paracelsus The calcinated mineral salts makes this a mineral rich bio-available supplement, with adaptogenic qualities increasing energy, recovery and vitality from workouts to war, from mountain climbing to erotic delights. The free Mjolnir features a Tyr based bind Rune.

This is a supplement best experienced over time so we give you a generous 4 oz bottle with a morale path and our newly cast large hammer to motivate your workouts and to smash the excuses and obstacles of your goals. We take traditional molds of Viking and heathen jewelry and our smith upcycles food grade pewter or steel for casting these, in a way we find both environmental and economical, as we use the radiant heat of the foundry to heat our other projects. We want to thank our customers who allow us to expand and evolve our operations, it is crucial we have a mutually beneficial exchange, a symbiotic relationship to encourage our shared goals of health, vitality, strength and honor. As we undertake ou training and ritual ordeals, these herbs of our ancestors are supreme allies healing body and mind with energetic signatures familiar to our ancient DNA and our genetic folk soul heritage written in the bonds of our blood and marrow. Thanks to our wonderful customers are offering more special and unique items, and will be presenting a publication of Folk Medicine for those interested in further reading and discussion on the Northern Tradition of herbalism. For a more concentrated formula see our listing for the 50x here