Bushcrafter's Forest Tea (4oz.)


This is an organic wildcrafted tea, for 4 oz. We love this blend for hiking, bushcrating, or to relax with after meals. It is another tea we are often greeted with upon visiting our herbalist teacher because it is soothing and move the bloods, kidneys and liver but gently and is tonic in nature. It is delicious unsweetened or with a bit of honey.

The base of this traditional herbal tea, no caffeine, is fresh organic wildcrafted Icelandic birch leaf. The sacred birch goddess associated with the berkano rune, which is a une of healing, creation, protection. Many of the sacred groves wherre birch, as they were the first trees to awaken from winter in the spring. Our leaves are fresh pristine Icelandic birch leaves, Birki Betula pendula harvested at the freshest point in the spring, when they are full of the potent emerging energy. The leaves of the tree, which contain lots of vitamin C, are used to make medicine. Birch is used for infections of the urinary tract that affect the kidney, bladder, ureters, and urethra. It is also used as a diuretic to increase urine output. Birch is also used in “Spring cures” for “purifying the blood.”

The next ingredient is the immune modulating and antioxidant rich organic stinging nettle or Brenninetla, Urtica dioica from the Icelandic forests, wildcrafted and mineral rich from the purest areas. It is full of minerals, Nettle leaf is anti-inflammatory, good for urinary issues, hay fever, and taken internally it helps with eczema as well as digestive, heart and blood health. It is also a staple for mystics wherever it is encountered because it used for fasting and keeping one healthy in the dense forests and woods.

Next we use the beautiful herb meadowsweet Mjaðjurt. Meadowsweet is delicious delicate in flavor and a potent anti-inflammatory but gentle on the digestion, and it was the study of this plant that led to the synthesis of aspirin. But in herbal tea the synergy is of a gentle anti-inflammatory herb useful in stress and low level inflammation that is the source of chronic diseases. Many look for exotic herbs from India neglecting the superfoods and herbs of their ancestors. Old herbalists said it would ‘make a merry heart’,and it is known to be an immuno-stimulant, aiding the liver and digestion and helps metabolize fat, and acidic stomach. Meadowsweet has been used for over 4,000 years and has been found in the remains of a Neolithic drink in the Hebrides and a bunch of Meadowsweet was also found in a Neolithic burial near Perth. Held by Druids as one of the most sacred herbs (along with Watermint and Vervain), Northern European pagan cultures seem to have used meadowsweet primarily for medicine, and as a perfume and odor-fighte. The herb is mentioned in the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh myths and folklore, where meadowsweet was one of the plants, along with broom and flowers of the oak used by the wizards Math and Gwydion to create the woman Blodeuwedd or flowerface.

It was also one of the fifty ingredients in a drink called ‘Save,’ mentioned in Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale, in the fourteenth century when it is referred to as Medwort, or Meadwort, (i.e. the mead or honey-wine herb), and the flowers were often put into wine and beer. It is still incorporated in many herb beers.

Delicate elderflower, Sambucus niger the sacred herb of the elder mother who lives in the trunk of the elderberry is a protective magical herb with a delicate flavor and plenty of the immune actions of the berries. Mrs. Grieve, the renowned folk herbalist recommended an elderflower infusion as a good old-fashioned remedy for colds and throat trouble. It’s also reputed to combat hayfever. So much folklore of elderberry, see our wunjo tonic for more in our tinctures section.

Finally we have linden flower Tilia cordata, in German folklore, the linden tree is seen as the “tree of lovers”, and also folklore in other parts of Europe of its wood as protection against both the evil eye and lightning. Linden blossom have always been associated with delicious herbal teas and a base for perfumes, as well as being known for producing tiny aromatic flowers make the best monosource honey. This gives a beautiful, floral taste the brew.

Your purchase supports our efforts to sustain the old ways and the forests which we sustainable harvest and invest in preservation.

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