1lb Certified Organic High Fat Dutched Cocoa Powder. A delectable high cocoa butter fat (20-22%) certified organic cocoa powder. It is “dutched” meaning it is alkalized with potassium carbonate to neutralize acidity, balancing the bitter notes and bringing out the true depth of this uniquely sourced cocoa, a special extraction process to create the absolute best cocoa powder for all your recipes, hot chocolate, edibles and beyond.

We are unabashed addicts of high quality chocolate. Just as in everything, from cigars to wine to whiskey, there are inferior and superior grades of quality. There are components that combine to true excellence, from the initial taste to the ability to hold a depth of clustered effects, to echo on the palate, and to induce an ecstatic joyous bliss. Chocolate’s Latin name, Theobroma, means ‘food of the Gods’ but it is a gift to the human race for its ability to provide pleasure and a type of satisfaction that borders on the mystical.

Such a profound ingredient is an elixir herb, a component to celebrations from birthdays and holidays to the wholesome goodness of a perfect hot cup of cocoa to share with a loved one. Such a treat is the perfect reward to indulge on the trail, to have in the pantry to cheer up a child on a rainy day, to brew around the camp fire. This is the perfect, artisan and potent cocoa to transmute ordinary smoothies and recipes into ambrosia-like nectars. Thick and rich, with the high fat content that makes this highest grade, we prefer to use the traditional European recipes that make the hot chocolate with a consistency somewhere between porridge and gravy. This is truly a psychoactive level dose and dynamic experience that also has a synergy with many other calming and meditation herbs. We use this in our guild blends as this level of artisan cocoa is a healthy, nutrient-rich superfood with mood boosting benefits as well.