A spagyric master blend from organic spirits infused with full-spectrum extracts and minerals from wildcrafted forest or organic log grown woodland mushrooms. This blend is featuring Lion’s Mane, Tsugae, Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, Chaga, shitake each extracted with triple phase processing in our spagyric menstrums. These fungal allies form a synergy within the ecosystem and likewise within the body, in remarkable, vastly studied and verified methods of vitality, resistance to disease and cellular repair. They are the storehouses of genetic information, of ancestral codes of healing that send primed signals to the body. As we learn from the greatest alchemists, a true spagyric is more of a force than a substance. It is made under rigid, specific timing with the alchemical seasons and days, down to the precise moments of harvest and processing to the various phases of extraction and packing. We take meticulous care as this is our own healing, our own partnership with the forest, the elements, in working within the paradigms of Nature to produce living, vital, ‘philosophical elixirs’ that transmit the messages to the very cells of the body. Inflammation,stress, the inability to truly recover from infections and physiological events that become encoded as symptomatic expressions in health become chronic conditions. True spagyrics break this pattern, they allow a balance, an inner calm of recovery and equilibrium to allow the body’s natural defenses and responses to recover. The medicinal mushrooms are particularly adept with wayward cells that propagate in endless mutations that culminate into the body literally attacking itself.

These are hand harvested in the pristine high mountain country of the Northern woodlands.