From our Swedish and also Icelandic harvesters, the pure botanical essence of the mountain energy of the North. We have a mix of flower pollens from Sweden and Iceland to offer here, a potent mix with a distinct therapeutic essence. All of the rich soil and minerals, the sunlight and fresh air all concentrate into the essence of the pollen of the medicinal flowers used for centuries in medicine. It is a vital herb for men’s health, as studies have shown its use contributes to healthy prostate function. It is used to regulate and balance the body and boost energy, and its used to help heal from liver damage from alcohol or lung from smoking in traditional uses. It is renowned for its immune boosting and cardiovascular benefits and is useful in stabilizing weight and fat loss. This is a wonderful product for men and women, it is delicious and melts into the tongue. It has a gentle but persistent action, boosting energy and is full of anti-oxidants and contains rich amounts of concentrated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids to protect people from a variety of ailments. This is a pure extract, as when its dried the water reduces it in weight from about a volume of 5:1 making this a 5x extract. 100 grams

We re-invest our your purchase into ethical harvesting collectives, permaculture organic herbal farms, and other fair trade measures to sustain and preserve the heritage of the traditions of the North, with a pagan spiritual and botanical/herbalist focus. We are working towards acquiring lands for study of traditional esoteric arts, arts and crafts, sloyd, wildcrafting, permaculture, green building from Viking designs, and many other Old Ways. Instead of begging for your money in crowdfunding, we want a mutually beneficial exchange between all parties. We pay the harvesters and artisans to ethically sustainable harvest, and we give the customer quality, healing herbs and powerful handmade spiritual items. We reinvest our funds and live off the land and work incessantly to bring the innovative herbs of the old Vikings and Hyperborean alchemists.This is our religion, our path, our meditation. We take the most exquisite care enlightened use of modern equipment for Good Manufacturing Standards. We use handmade make every item ourselves possible, our trade for our needs. We hope you will become a client and friend our growing kindred and support our work. Our content and our art is our products, from our tinctures, elixirs, and soaps to handcarved mortars and spoons, bowls to our Nordic themed art and graphics and runic/occult literature. We thank you again for your interest!

*The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and we make no medical claims on this product. Information provided for education only.