Hermetic Thrice Great Theurgical Blend (50g). Comes in foil ziploc pouch with two charcoal discs.

We present our next offering versus the occult wars that seek to eclipse the initiatory and sacred purpose of life, confining humanity into the 8th sphere of consciousness.

The pure Hermetic sciences have been perverted and distorted by those inverted mystery schools of the anti-tradition. The seeding of false teachings, dead ends, spiritual snares, and truth laced with poison are the baits that lure the uncritical seeker into the lodges that obscure the true ascending spiritual mysteries of the soul. To sift and distill the true from false is the goal of the wise and to aim the spiritual initiation towards the noble aims of the philosophers. This is keeping to the path, and not to be lured into the paths of kabbalistic abstractions. These are the forces degenerating the Goddess mysteries to the projected fantasies of those abused and obsessed with the spiritual viruses that deviated from the pure path. There is always some moral ambiguity, the god of magic and thieves and commerce amongst other things bestows boons and curses and favors and misfortunes ground out to this realm from the gods.

The incenses enrapture the senses with the correspondences that link consciousness. The colors, sounds, gestures, ritual, energies, entheogens and incenses synchronize the senses, obliterate the mundane thoughts and attachments in the aimed theurgy of the Magus.

We are students of the ancient mysteries of ancient Europe from the folk magic to high theurgy. The Hermetic arts are those of Mercury/Odin and the ancient gods of magic but are often blended with poisonous doctrines of artificial gods and parasitic constructs. The true magic and pharmakon is the study of the correspondences in elevating the soul towards the gods. We hope to provide the purest, organic or wildcrafted theurgical incenses, herbs and ritual paraphernalia. We open our shop with the sacred frankincense, an herb native to the Hyperborean homelands that brought our tradition of Mystery School. It is of the finest quality, sun dried and therapeutic/ritual grade. This is a magical incense wherever it is encountered, from the soul-recalling incenses of Daoists to its use in liturgies to intoxicate the faithful with analogs of more serious entheogens. There is a definite shift in mood to the subtle spiritual realms. The chemicals can mimic cannabis in the brain, and it imparts a deep reverence. The aroma of pure frankincense is the foundation of many of the ritual blend and speak to the ancient incense trade that finds this resin at the core of so many mystical traditions. The studies of the migration routes of incenses and entheogens and alchemy in the ancient world shows a vast trade network of mercury, mushrooms, alchemical glass, herbs and resins along the old trade routes. The mystery of gods spread in the migrations, especially the Indo-Europeans who brought their doctrines, astrotheology, initiatory rites and ancient initiatory centers. We will be posting much more information, incense ingredients and special blends.


1. Come unto me, O thou of the four winds, almighty one, who breathest spirit into men to give them life;

2. Whose name is hidden, and beyond the power of men to speak; 4 no prophet [even] can pronounce it; yea, even daimons, when they hear thy name, are fearful!

3. O thou, whose tireless eyes are sun and moon, —[eyes] that shine in the pupils 6 of the eyes of men!

4. O thou, who hast the heaven for head, æther for body, [and] earth for feet, and for the water round thee ocean’s deep! Thou the Good Daimon art, who art the sire of all things good, and nurse of the whole world.

5. Thy everlasting revelling-place is set above.

6. Thine the good emanations 10 of the stars,—those daimons, fortunes, and those fates by whom are given wealth, good blend [of nature], 1 and good children, good fortune, and good burial. For thou art lord of life,—

7. Thou who art king of heavens and earth and all that dwell in them;

8. Whose Righteousness is never put away; whose Muses hymn thy glorious name; whom the eight Wardens guard,—thou the possessor of the Truth pure of all lie!

9. Thy Name and Spirit rest upon the good.

10. O mayst thou come into my mind and heart for all the length of my life’s days, and bring unto accomplishment all things my soul desires!

11. For thou art I, and I am thou. 4 Whate’er speak, may it for ever be; for that I have thy Name 5 to guard me in my heart.

12. And every serpent roused shall have no power o’er me, nor shall I be opposed by any spirit, or daimonial power, or any plague, or any of the evils in the Unseen World; for that I have thy Name within my soul.

13. Thee I invoke; come unto me, Good, altogether good, [come] to the good, thou whom no magic can enchant, no magic can control, 4 who givest me good health, security,good store, good fame, victory, [and] strength, and cheerful countenance!

14. Cast down the eyes of all who are against me, and give me grace on all my deeds