Hypatia Mystery School Theurgic Incense (2oz). Comes in foil ziploc pouch with two charcoal discs.

This incense is in various lore from the mystery school of Hypatia, from the sun kissed trees of the Kemetic black soil. It is an almost psychoactive, spiritual blend of light in botanical form, the exudate resin from ethically harvested sacred trees used in the sacred feminine theurgia of the Greek and Egyptian Mystery Schools. The perfect blend for visionary theurgy.

Let it be said that Christianity is a Mystery School tradition, encoding much sacred wisdom, and in its purest sense and in the right solar understanding it can be purged of the toxic spiritual parasitism that lurks within it and the parent anti-tradition. But this simply understanding the solar hero and there are much more pure and potent initiatory streams untainted by alien theologies that hold a deep contempt for life, sciences and the Goddess tradition. These anti-traditions always show their true ways in cutting down trees and killing women and in censorship in book/library burning or death. They use the extremists of all types, exploit the spiritual symbols and appropriate the holy wisdom as a veneer of deceptive false-righteousness. They sell death, tyranny and slavery as progress, salvation and freedom.

The great lies of the bio-phobic faiths were of high morals coming to save primitive savages. The truth is that the high cultures had vast libraries, universities and a class of philosophers and sages held in the highest esteem. These cultures had leisure for entertainment, learning, sport and games, and the foundations of Western culture that was thwarted, diverted and cast into a dark age. It was only the recovery of the lost Hermetic and neoplatonic wisdom that reawakened dormant ancient truths. One of the most symbolic martyrs of the high pagan culture is Hypatia. She was Killed by a Christian mob of monks led by Peter the Lector. They dragged her into a nearby church known as the “Caesareum”, where they stripped her naked and murdered her using ostraka, which can either be translated as “roof tiles” or “oyster shells”. Damascius adds that they also cut out her eyeballs. They tore her body into pieces and dragged her mangled limbs through the town to a place called Cinarion, where they set them on fire. This was the way Alexandrians carried the bodies of the “vilest criminals” outside the city limits to cremate them as a way of symbolically purifying the city. She was a wise woman, teaching sacred mathematics and astronomy, and the sacred theurgical mysteries. This is a sacred incense attributed to her in the lore, though nothing of her writings escaped the fires. Her mysteries of the Earth Goddess and the Celestial vault serve as the hyperspatial maps of the theurgic ascensions into the astral sun.