The Theurgic Readers are a series to present a metasigil, a Philosophical and theurgic brevery to certain Gods. It is composed of our most cherished depictions of these Gods as an artistic devotional with invocations, poems, tractates of the Hermetic and Hyperborean Wisdom. In the first series, there is no intrusive modern commentary or attempt at interpretation, just the pure gnosis of these complex ancestral entities. True artists have always been attuned to the subtle planes that give rise to poetic truths and numinous expressions that capture the essence of their subject. These images are presented with the ancestral poems, prayers and ancient quotes that allow the symbols, correspondences and sympathies permeate and saturate one’s being.

The first is of the primary God of the Hyperboreans, Apollo, the healer, and plague bringer, the Wolf-God and lord of the Sun. Subsequent volumes in this series will have in-depth essays, but we hope you enjoy this celebration of the Sun God in theurgic contemplation. For the accompanying texts, we have chosen our favorite translations (such as from Chapman, Taylor, Shelley, Myatt, etc.) for a diverse range of interpretation and those that retain the most ‘pagan’ or alchemical tone.

Your purchases allow us to keep presenting the Tradition, the alchemical skillful means, and Master Narrative of our ancestors. We thank you for your support. We have only begun to dispense the lore, mythos, and skillful means we have amassed from the ancestral wisdom and we devote each moment of life to presenting these for those seeking the Way.