This series of monographs is intended to collect the fragments of Hyperborean lore that are the origins and essence of the European spiritual tradition and the foundation of true religion itself. It is one of the great misconceptions that the basis of morality, ethics and the doctrines of the immorality of the soul, judgement and afterlife were imported to Europe through Judeo-Christian religion. The Hyperborean Tradition is the true origin of the Prisca theologia, and has a clearly defined morality based on the innocence of Golden Age mythos exemplifying the proper conduct, the ideal states of piety, devotion seeking wisdom, healing, philosophy, harmony, and courage. From this Polar Wisdom proceeds all true religion, the Mystery traditions, alchemy, medicine, music, poetry, the runes, and the Northern Gods.

Nearly all of the ancient cultures speak of wise adepts that came from the North. These were the ancient philosopher-shamans, the master sages who were truly pious to the Gods, and embodied the pursuit of the highest virtues, the search for wisdom and the understanding of life as an initiatory quest for the blissful immortality of the soul. The ancient Greeks, back to the archaic periods always identified the source of this wisdom with the holy disciples of Baldr/Apollo, the Hyperboreans of the North. The way back to this spiritual homeland is one of obscured paths, hidden meaning, suppression and true occulting of the Way. Likewise the Persian and Vedic traditions hail the origins of their greatest sages from the Polar North.

We follow the ‘sacred route’ that traces the entheogenic fruits and ancestral migrations through the Dacian and Thracian megaliths, into the Scythian Forests into the snow-swept mountains of Russia to the Primordial “Original Homeland” Urheimat. We hope to present our research in an ongoing and irregular series devoted to this topic in all the complexities of the Mystery traditions. These are the multiple levels encoded within myth that present the doctrine of soul and immortality, the entheogenic plants, shamanic techniques, cosmology, astrotheology, sacred geometry as well as the historical aspects of the culture, religion and esoterica of the Hyperborean adepts.

This contains the central mythos, the theological core, the sacred route with copious maps, diagrams, appendices and references and quotes classical, academic and esoteric. A true labor of love for the Gods.