As part of our mission to articulate and define a New Adept, and our own decades long pursuit of this ideal, we write the templates, meta-sigils to our intention and goals. We have formed a research society to recruit and disseminate the templates and ancestral studies that we gather as the master narrative and foundation to our worldview. Our new series is to assist those researching and studying these Herculean labors of exoteric and esoteric tasks.

In the first volume, A Guide to Initiatic Reading and Research, we present a guide to a certain critical method of reading esoteric texts, and our suggestions of certain skillful means and approaches. Our purpose is a distillation of spiritually-toxic narratives, anti- and counter-Traditions that have warped and inverted the core spirituality of True Europe. (84 pages)

The second volume is the Bibliography, References, Research Guide Supplement of the Hyperborean Research Society Library and Archives, a vast annotated bibliography to the many references and holdings of the Hyperborean Research Society, whose archives have been consulted by scholars and universities as our special collections on certain esoteric subjects is unrivaled. (64 pages)

The third volume, Hyperborean Pedagogy, is of Classical or Hyperborean pedagogy. This is for those whose path involves being householders, homesteaders and parents, guardians, teachers, or stewards of the most precious younger and future generations. It is a treatise on Traditionalist education, of the Classical worldview, of Western Civilization and True Europe discussed through the lens of educating our children in the most sublime and edifying aspects of our rich heritage. (80 pages)

If you are satisfied with the trajectory of this country and world, if you cheer on the social media outrage of critical theories and progressive agendas, this is not for you. It is never intentionally provocative, nor insulting nor rude, but it is from a Traditionalist point of view, and this is bound to offend any who celebrate the collapse of the West. In a time where one may be silenced for asking certain questions, or raising suspicion or cynicism to corporate and techno-oligarchic agendas, we dare to discuss some complex and highly nuanced subjects. We present such writings in the spirit of lovers of wisdom, of seeking beauty and truth in a world that has forgotten the best of itself.