We often learn to take care of things before it’s too late. To keep your teeth clean and shining, we present a tooth powder we learned from an alchemical and bushcrafting master. This is the powerful blend of rare earth mineral clays (French green, white kaolin, Sodium Bentonite Clay) which has a strong negative electric charge, that pulls in heavy metals and removes toxins. This is blended with Calcium Bentonite said to help fill in cavities and abrasions and allow them to heal with their high bioavailable mineral content. This is blended with black lava salt from Iceland, which contains activated charcoal, spagyric minerals, and hints of the organic oil and herbage micronized wildcrafted alpine mint. It is a remineralizing, breath freshening, and for some, teeth whitening dry tooth powder that is a great addition to any dental hygiene routine. Perfect for travel and bushcraft/hiking and camping because one can clean with the gentle abrasives and refreshing powder and simply rinse with water. But it is great for a daily routine, and many report that it aids in whitening from coffee and smoking. It is also good for gum health, with the activated charcoal helping bad breath and infections and it’s a great herbal powder to gargle. We use the finest rare earth mineral clay, that have been shown to get in the tiny nicks and crevices in the surface of the tooth and possibly delay and prevent decay as well as remineralize teeth. This is a great product to add into your hygienic routine and such powders are traditional but are returning to popular use as people reject the chemical and fluoride toxin, pineal gland calcifying toothpastes.

This amount is for between 200 to 300 brushes. Simply wet tooth brush a little and place some in small bowl or dipping container, or palm, or in the woods use fingers can sprinkle on to brush. You can also sprinkle it on your favorite toothpaste for whitening and reminizeraling blend or mix with oil pulling regimens, or blending you own pastes.