Laplander Chaga Cocoa Coffee Bitters

$13.00 - $23.00

Full Spectrum Dual Extract Chaga with the Highest Grade Cacao for the perfect Coffee “Bitters” 2 0z and 4 oz

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This is one of our all time favorite items either at home or in the bush. This is our organic wildcrafted Finnish chaga, dual extracted to a potency of 10x. That means it takes 10 lbs of chaga to make 1lb our full spectrum extract. To this we combine the chaga with ceremonial grade chocolate, gently macerated in non-gmo spagyric organic spirits. This turns coffee into a superfood, with the potent Chaga antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress, as well as a host of therapeutic compounds that can protect the immune system, reduce inflamation, as well as giving physical endurance and heping with diabetic health. as well as helping with pain and beng anti-bacterial. The sweetness of chaga combines withe chocolate, imparting a delicious taste to your coffee or hot chocolate or taking the tincture straight. With coffee, we find that it virtually eliminates the pernicious side effects of coffee that can some times be had with large doses. This helps to give the boost of energy without feeling jittery, as well as rendering the cup with a more neutral ph, and easing the sometimes nauseous effects from the coffee. Some say coffee leaches minerals, so we have had our cell salts and chaga calcined mineral salts for another level of spagyric bio-availale minerals. This is the perfect addition to you cup of coffee on your desk or the kuksa on the trail. This is a favorite that sells out so fast locally, we have never posted it online before. We made large batches this time with the same great attention to care and detail. Free gifts with every purchase.

The feeling of going out in the bush and making items from invasive or deadfall, protecting native plants and teaching foraging, survival and bushcraft are part of our mission. We are part of a guild or artisans and herbalists who work together to preserve the old traditions, herbs, and culture of indigenous Europe, especially Northern Europe. We use your purchases for our projects, we subsist of our supporters. We can do custom jewelry, patches, banners, extractions, and source most products from Europe. We study all herbal traditions but put the Northern Tradition as primary to the heritage and its always best to have the herbs of our ancestors. We use the principles of fair trade and permaculture in our sustainable projects. We are involved deeply in conservation as well. Our tribe, our family thanks you for your support!

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