The first in our new series of monographs, from our guild member Loddfáfnir articulating the path of the modern Hyperborean adept and Northern Magus. Those seeking genuine initiatory structure are often bewildered in the maze of New Age platitudes and fluff or of the deliberate distortions of the Northern Path. Other extremes seek to fill the vacuum of genuine initiation with bravado, posturing, role playing, adolescent rebellion all playing at being macho, sinister or outlaws. This is not for those that fetishize aspects of the path, but for the full spectrum adept skilled in the forest and the fields, both farm and battle. This is not a document for those seeking to dabble in the Northern Traditions, or to have their projections or neuroses validated and coddled. Likewise, there is no intentional provocation or shock, only a measured but intense reflection on decades of seeking authentic alchemical knowledge and occult lore of the Indo-European traditions. This is certainly not a writing for those that wish to remain comfortable in their worldview, their skillsets, their health, personal autonomy and self-accountability. This is a book about becoming an elite individual as well as forming an elite tribal network, with a basis in alchemy, theurgy, permaculture, bushcrafting, and related disciplines. This is a general volume and should be seen as a per-requisite to the further issues. Priced to discourage to the casual reader, some orders may be canceled without notice as per the authors whims.

32 pages