100% Natural, Wild Harvested Siberian Forest Medicine Resin Gums (Kedra Chewing Gum)


We love these all natural forest medicine resin gums from the pristine forests of Siberia, the famous ringing cedars of ancient medicine tradition. We are glad to offer these from the elite Russian company and happy to present their wonderful product to a new market in USA. We have deep relationships with Russian herbalists, and organic botanical companies that are preserving the ancestral medicine of this great culture.

Choose from:
Resin of Siberian Cedar
INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, wild harvested Siberian Cedar resin.
Resin of Siberian Cedar with Bilberry
INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, wild harvested Siberian Cedar resin, 100% natural, wild harvested Siberian bilbery.
Resin of Siberian Larch
INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, wild harvested Siberian Larch resin.
Resin of Siberian Larch with Mint
INGREDIENTS: 100% natural, wild harvested Siberian Larch resin, 100% natural essential oil of mint.

100% Natural Chewing Gum.

Directions: Warm up the product in the mouth for 5-8 seconds. Chew for 15-20 minutes after meals or whenever you want to. Safe if used frequently.

The inhabitants of Siberia believe that both Cedar and Larch Resin has great healing power, and has rightfully been called zhivitsa – related to zhizn, the Russian word for life – for its ability to heal wounds. The inhabitants of Siberia and the Urals long ago discovered the therapeutic anesthetizing properties of this resin.

It has been established that Larch and Cedar Resin has a great therapeutic effect. According to the data from the physician I. I. Yukolis, it possesses a powerful bactericidal, epithelializing, anti-inflammatory, adsorbing, and deodorizing action. “Natural larch resin (turpentine-balsam) has a great therapeutic effect in the treatment of chronic ulcers of the shin of different origins (varicose, trophic, pustular), in purulent diseases of the skin and as an epithelializing agent in various ulcerous and erosive processes of differing etiology.”

In Siberia, larch and cedar resin are used to treat toothaches by applying it to the teeth and gums, aids digestion, breath, sick stomach, food poisoning. Can reuse if store safely. Great for hiking, camping and bushcrafting to clean teeth and refresh, protect against pathogens, illness. We use this as a central aspect of our internal detoxification.

Local people also used larch resin internally – in ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, pulmonary tuberculosis, and pneumonia. The literature contains information how Russian healers used resin for treating cancer. larch resin is of very high-quality, it contains approximately 30% turpentine and 70% rosin. The turpentine (essential oil, turpentine oil) obtained from Larch Resin contains 80% pinenes, which are the source material for the synthesis of camphor – a remarkable substance that stimulates the activity of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Camphor is used in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system and schizophrenia, it is a constituent of many modern medical preparations, including those that stimulate nervous activity. Turpentine finds an even wider application, especially in folk medicine. It is used in massages in cases of rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, catarrhal diseases of the respiratory organs, in the treatment of wounds, and in a number of other cases.

We offer the pure cedar or larch resin, or our favorite blends with herbal admixtures for flavor and medicinal quality.

Herbal admixtures

Mint: Refreshing, digestive aid, and aid for oral health

Bilberry: Rich in antioxidants known as anthocyanins and polyphenols, bilberries have been used for medicinal purposes for conditions ranging from eye conditions to diabetes

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