This is an artisan Swedish bitters with a history extending back over 460 years, and is quite distinct from the other Swedish bitters in processing, because this follows this ancient calcination of the plant solids until all the carbon and dross is burned away leaving the mineral plants salts which are slowly redigested back into the tincture. These are ethically wildcrafted roots, herbs, resins and their rich minerals that are world famous for their healing digestive stimulation and detoxification. These herbs are gently macerated and distilled using traditional alchemical pottery and alcohol alchemically rectified from our traditional copper stills. This is our labor of love and as each family has their traditional blend, we represent this from our herbalist teachers who have instilled in us this lineage of herbal medicine and iatro-chemical herbalism. This is a proprietary recipe of very ancient and proven herbs used for thousands of years by the people of Northern Europe, helping them battle climate and harsh conditions, and a diet heavy in meat and salt in those frigid territories. These are the wonderful herbs that became famous on the Viking trade routes which extended all over the ancient world since the beginning of the Viking age, and enhanced by the widespread and farflung knowledge of Paracelsus. Paracelsus was literally the most vitriolic and bombastic (and these terms derive from his behavior) of this learned scientism of his day that did more harm than good. He learned in battle fields, ancient monetarists, from old women herbalists and learned alchemists and consolidated his wisdom into the distilled elixirs that won him true fame and renown as a healer all over Europe. We know you will love this, so in honor of the ancient Swedish traders that mixed their alpine herbs with Licorice, Nutmeg, Aloe, Turkish Rhubarb, Calamus, Myrrh, Theriac Venetian, Zedoary root, Dittany, Gentian, Angelica Root, Kaolin, Carline thistle, Camphor, Tormentilla, Mace, Senna, Saffron and many others we offer you a four once bottle of our potent concentrated bitters, and although we are presenting you with Swiss herbal formula we always offer some Nordic symbols as gifts, so we offer with a free Viking Raven patch, a potent talismanic symbol of traveling and moving forward into a health and change. We all need to embrace health and make landmark changes and oaths to be the best versions of ourselves. Herbalism is a way to connect with the earth and the ancestors and the soil of our ancient DNA, connecting us like roots to the specific minerals and salts and herbs that sustained our heritage for 40,000 years. Connect with the alchemical medicines of the great Northern tradition. We show pictures of some of our traditional labware use in making these products. Free patch is included!