This is our most popular, by request in the 4 oz bottle! A quarter to half a dropper is great for a large coffee, making this an abundant amount for a huge amount of coffee drinking.

Our wildly popular organic mycomedicinal coffee bitters are so popularly with our local coffee addicts and clients that we can barely keep them in stock. Here we present a true favorite, the health boosting and immune balancing, alkaline superfood and delicious flavor of our three mushroom coffee “bitters.”

We use traditional Swiss spagyric techniques, a triple full spectrum and complete extraction with trace elements and minerals from remote harvest chaga from Finland, and forest mushrooms of Lion’s Mane and Reishi from Germany. We use a ritual grade cacao paste and slowly digest this in non-gmo spagyric produced spirits. The whole are circulated gently using traditional handblown glassware at low temperatures to digest the mushrooms essence into the elixir. The result is tonic of mycomedicinals, that are fermented and distilled into the rich, chocolatey extract. These are known to mitigate some of the side-effects of coffee, the jitters, the nausea, the digestive hit, as well as the acidifying effects. Turn coffee into a super elixir of potent, adrenal and immune balancing adaptogenic fungi. Our extracts are all microbatch in a traditional apothecary lab, using pristine fair-trade ingredients, absolute organic and wildcrafted materials. It takes 10lbs of fresh mushroom to be reduced down to our batches, with an triple extraction that gives it a 10x potency. This is the gentle but concentrated doses of polyphenol rich mushrooms that send the vital messages to cells. These are the keys to many issues as chronic inflammation and stress cause negative feedback loops between the mind and body. The use of herbs and fungi for radiant health are becoming well known and very popular. We thank you for choosing our products, check our reviews! Satisfaction guaranteed.

This is a true favorite of wildcrafted chaga (Inonotus obliquus), lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) and reishi (blend of Ganoderma lucidum, Ganoderma tsugae) mushrooms from forests in Finland and Germany. These are full spectrum extracts of wonderful pure, unpolluted mushrooms. This is the perfect bio-available and delicious flavored coffee elixir. It is an immune boosting mycomedicinal powerhouse of full spectrum extracts.

The adaptogenic effects of these mushrooms balance adrenals and regulate the immune system, correcting imbalances and giving an alkaline and healing array of medicinal mushroom extracts. The cells function on signals, the mushrooms are rich in compounds that correct the distortions that lead to cellular mutation. This is a delicious treat at any time because it is balancing and attuning the body into a positive feedback loop, sleep is more restful, recovery times better. Ganoderma tsugae in particular such a balancing and rarely used fungus, we are pleased to use it in our blends.

Your purchase supports a traditional apothecary, a network of wildcrafters and the evolving permaculture and forestry laboratory we are securing on the East Coast, USA to propagate and teach the Old Ways.

We make no medical claims, and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.