Organic German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla). Another cherished, soothing, and favorite of our botanical allies, this steady companion herb finds itself in so many tinctures and blends for calming, soothing, relaxing properties. It is powerful enough to stand alone as a delicious tea, but works well with others like a true healing plant, and forms a guild with other tea herbs to combine in both flavor and effect for maximum soul and body healing. A special aid to women for menstrual pains, it also reduces inflammation, aids in sleep, and is a welcome offering to the sick, the stressed, the depressed, run-down, or even hung over. A great herb for skin and hair, and internal and external nourishing botanical that should be in everyone’s home.

All our herbs or chemical free, organic, wildcrafted or small-garden grown by traditional herbalists, wyse women, artisans, organic farmers or guild members on their kin domain. Your purchase supports the Old Ways, propagates heirloom breeds, seeds and protects ancestral flora and fauna. Our mission is called Project Asgard, a seed bank and animal breeding program to protect and share the heritage plants and animals of Northern Europe.