8 oz, average 36 servings, scoop included. All wildcrafted or organic grown, superfood Nordic berries.

Pure , artisan crafted, small batch, organic and wildcrafted superfruit powders, no fillers, no preservatives, soy free, vegan, dairy free, pure fruit fruit powder nothing else.

The basis of many of our protocols and the ritual healing is fasting and the use of fasting herbs. There are various type of fasting, from complete abstinence from food, dry fasts, intermittent fasts, and fasts from certain types of food. A primary method we employ is found in universal contexts and is at the core of mot of the spiritual and shamanic healing traditions. This is the method of taking detoxification herbs that transition into tonic and nutrient dense superfoods. This cleanses the body of the accrued waste, the stagnant blood, and helps purge the body of parasites and toxins. This is also a part of emotional purging, fasting from distractions and toxic inputs into the inner world from bad music and entertainment to media of all types.

The mindful, ritual taking of the elixirs and tonics during period of caloric restriction can really reset the body, mind and spirit. We do these to mark sacred time and effort, to establish a momentum towards making healthier life choices and decisions. We follow the seasonal alchemy of nature, following the path of the bear and other animals that take their fill of the summer berries, that are loaded with antioxidants, minerals fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and phytonutrients. Each of these berries are a beautiful burst of color in the Northern landscapes, wildharvested, handpicked and solar dehydrated for the true sun kissed power.

The neuro-protective and benefits to the heart are well known for the dark fruits. We began our quest for this blend in studying the pharmacology of herbs in the North in their effects on the potent healing and poem inspiring meads of the Northern folk. We kept studying the elixir of long life recipes of the German and Swiss alchemists that are now patented and expensive liquors in those countries, some so rare they are hardly known in their own lands anymore.

One such ingredient and superfood is the black currant (Ribes nigrum) which researchers have long indicated as an MAOI, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors, a class of antidepressants. In concentrated doses it can be quite interesting for those looking into botanical secrets of ritual plant interactions. But in these amounts it is truly mood boosting, and energizing. One account was that they seemed to ‘thirst’ for this in their diet though they never knew it existed. We second this, and its a boost ot mood and energy especially in getting a second wind from an active day.Highly packed in vitamin C, black currants have plenty of antioxidants and anthocyanins. These can help strength your immune system, soothe sore throats, and ease flu symptoms.This is the foundation of the blend pure organic and from Nordic wildcrafters in Sweden and Norway.

Our blueberries are sourced and picked from wild German guild members and sun dried with the solar dehydration. Delicious and packed in antioxidants and nutrients, it is a great supplement for digestion, inflammation, digestion, bone health, weight loss, vision, mood etc. The chemical free wildcrafted pristine sources make these a taste of the summer mountains and meadows, a seemingly endless beautiful abundance of blue fruit from Finland.

We source the blackberries and bilberries from a small organic Arctic famer, producing artisan level freeze dried powers to capture the delicate phytonutrients in these superfoods. These are bit more volatile in drying, and the blackberries require some special care and speed in getting the pure fruit powder, The result is the small batch, chemical free organic fruit powder that gives two deeper dimensions to this blend. Bilberry is a great supplement to improve and preserve vision, lover bad cholesterol, as well lowering risks of Alzheimer’s disease. Blackberry fruit is one of the highest sources of antioxidants, as well as full of bioavaiable Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Both are great for skin and brain health, cardiovascular system and the slow oxidate stress that can cause truly dire conditions.

The berries are the bounty of summer, a crucial part of the vital burst of nutrients in the Northern diet, as well as in the perfect storm of oxidative stress of modern life. The ancients would use these in their sacred meads, dry them for the long winters, and chase away the illness and deficiencies of limited diet, stress and weather. These are mood boosting, energy giving and delicious gifts from the earth. We source them from folk that are blissful to be living traditional lives, gathering berries in joy, and we hope to pass on this feeling to you. We operate from that fusion of health and passion, the frenzy of the shamanic gods in creating healing substances of power. We thank all those who support us and endeavor to reciprocate that trust with the sacred honor of the highest quality. These are herbs and fruits that we live from and work with harvesting sustainability and fair trade to our sources. We owe our life to the healing forests, and we are stewards of their bounties, and we work to preserve the old ways. Health is wealth, the health of our bodies and the land. We can merge these two necessities together into a beautiful way of life. Thank you again for looking.

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