Organic Russian Shilajit Mumio Extract Honey


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Many think that the best Shilajit comes from India, and they have some great deposits, but the best are guarded secrets and the others are often diluted. The shilajit or mineral pitch from Russia is some of the purest, and is also a best kept secret. Its the powerful substance used by elite military, athletes, for health and sexual purposes. It takes 10 lbs of pure raw shilajit to make just 1 lb pound of our extract, a 10x power extraction. We take this powder and its blended into raw forest honey. The bitterness of some shilajit is mellowed in the purifications we use, which are based on traditional alchemical techniques famous in Russia and India. It is all sun-dried and protected from elemets, in pristine arctic mountain deposits, from ancient glaciers, the once green Hyperborean lands have produced the most nutrient and mineral dense shilajit for men and women. It can be VERY potent aphrodisac and energizer, earning it a name of herbal viagra. We have tried and used Indian shilajit for many years with great results, the cost of the best Indian shilajit is 10x what the Russian best is, but they are of equal quality. In fact, for the Russians is better for energy and aphrodisiac effects by far. It is sweeter do to different archaic plants that form this mineral exudate. This is the missing link in those seeking energy. 4 oz and 8 oz. more honey soon. free gifts with every order!

Mumio was a famed alchemical medicine used by such sages as Paracelsus, giving him a wide fame and renown in curing stubborn conditions. Our is spagyrically prepared and sourced from our Rus and Slavic pagan herbalists who hand harvest it in the mountains. This herbal formula is a famous Indo-European (meaning the peoples that migrated from India to Europe) availing themselves of this potent “destroyer of weakeness” as it is in known in Sanskrit. We are so certain you will be energized and enjoy our product we give you a Slavic Axe talisman featuring Kolovrat whirling sun with a buckskin leather cord and a wolf patch as a gift ad to assure you we take your purchase as a honorable contract to provide you with the best quality and satisfaction for your hard earned dollars. Its very potent black extract, microdosing for energy or training, or larger amounts for aphrodisiac and recovery. Good to take with healthy fats.

Since olden times MUMIO has been known to enhance regenerative processes in different organs and tissues and was used as an anti-inflammatory and antitoxic agent, as well as for general health improvement

The word MUMIO (sometimes spelled “MUMIO”) comes from the Greek word “mumia”, meaning a preserved body. It is a natural substance found mainly in high virgin mountains (2,000 – 5,000 meters) of of Russia and neighbouring areas as a resinous deposit in rock crevices.

MUMIO is a versatile, naturally occurring biological regulator, possessing a wide
spectrum of health uses. It exerts a favorable effect on metabolic processes and on the human immune system, restoring decreased functions of the body. MUMIO is a unique biologically-active substance with striking healing effects and protective influence on the human body. It long been used in Asian and Russian traditional medicine, and is still used today for medical purposes.

Mumio has a wide spectrum of pharmacological activity. But, despite decades of impressive research results, official medicine is familiar with it only as food additive.

It is also used as a general strengthening and tonic remedy. MUMIO possesses moderately significant anti-swelling activity. It also contains substances which stimulate the immune system (adaptogens). MUMIO has not been found to show side effects.

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