Organic wildcrafted Freya’s Woodland Resins Incense 1 0z 9$
This is an artisan, ethically wildcrafted pure all-natural and organic
tree resin incense, sourced from deep Nordic forests using sustainable
methods. The cleansing, spiritual deep aromas of several species of
pines, cedars, junipers, amber and other conifers and resinous forest
trees awaken and enliven the senses. These are some of the most ancient
incenses in the world, used for the 40,000 year history of indigenous
Europeans. The conifers and evergreens were a symbol of eternal life, of
a persistent green health that kept its vitality when all else withered,
died or went dormant in the winter. These incense hold practical as well
as spiritual properties from the anti-septic and fumigating medicinal
smokes to the spiritual protection and psychological and esoteric
cleansing that is a common magical, shamanic and religious use of
incenses the world over. There are a lot of “forest blends” with
chemically enhanced and synthetic additives that makes some of them
smell like the chemicals used in automobile deodorizers. But we have
sourced the finest, purest, cleanest and unadulterated forest resins,
ethically collected from natural “wounds” in the trees from fallen
branches that “bleed” pure ancient resins. These are blended together
in perfect proportions by the old woodsman who harvests this and our
pine pollen and chaga. It is a slow burning, comforting and nostalgic
aroma, stimulating the depths our being with scents so familiar to our
life that its written in our genetic code to appreciate these blessed
smokes. The Gods feed off the subtle smoke, the demons are banished by
them, and the home and kindred are cleansed and united in their ritual
use. Support artisan woodsman and heathen handcrafted goods and give our incense a try. We are celebrating our opening a USA based business by giving a free Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) such as is pictured with the incense. Thank you for looking.