We have a special connection and deep affinity for the medicinal forest lichens, they are potent plant allies with deeply therapeutic qualities. It is a premiere antibiotic, with uses in severe issues of staph infection that trump modern medicine. Traditional uses were for it as a basis of many medicines as it cleanses lungs, resolves phlegm, controls bleeding, removes toxins, making it a go to herb and crucial addition to the herbal apothecary.

Other traditional applications were for headache, ocular irritation, cough, profuse phlegm, malaria, scrofula, leukorrhea, functional bleeding, wound bleeding, carbuncle, toxic snake bite and it is used in modern Chinese medicine for thyroid disorders. Our is wildcrafted in Russian forests with our other wildcrafted forest products. Due to logging its threatened in a number of areas, its not threatened by harvesting but the removal of trees. We only source our herbs from ethical harvested and fair trade sources that are deeply ecological active and sustainable. Sustainable microbatch, spagyric, mineral rich, chemical free, vegan, non-gmo traditional spirits. Your purchase is an investment in your health and our mission to preserve the old ways and create healing, and valuable products to awaken the ancestral path. Spagyrics is a method of preparing herbs created by Swiss herbalist Paracelsus, that incorporates when to harvest, when to prepare and specific methods of creating the most effective, bio-available and safest use of herbs. Surely this is Old Man’s Beard Lichen and thus sacred to the Forest Gods like Leshy and Odin.

We prepare the usnea in a spagyric manner, it is fermented and distilled with the resulting herbs, calcinated to purified mineral salts and they are slowly infused into the tincture, which is made of rectified spagyric non-gmo spirits. this is a great herb for coughs, colds, phlegm, urinary issues, weight loss, etc.

Usnea is a lichen (an algae fungus combination) and it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, vulnerary and antifungal. Uses: Known to help staph infections, heal wounds, respiratory issues, allergy symptoms, sore throat, fungal infections, urinary infections, sinus infections, vaginal infection. It is used for falling hair in folk traditions, and in Finland its well known for uses from cut’s, athlete’s foot, vial warts, and skin issues.

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