30 capsules, potent colon cleanse, deep ama detoxification, helps with digestion, constipation, gut health, fasting, weight loss etc.

We are disciples of Paracelsus, having gained the promises made in his writings for the benefits of his methods. (Paracelsus, born Theophrastus von Hohenheim, was a Swiss physician, alchemist, and astrologer of the German Renaissance.) We can make no medical claims, nor would he, because the body truly heals itself. In his day he had to fight the gross extremists of surgeons and doctors who bled people to death and used cures worse than the illness, in a fight that has raged since the Middle Ages. He understood the energies and actions on the body that allowed the body to heal itself, by detoxifying the accrued waste and moving stagnations out of the system. The true alchemical medicines recognize the microcosmic universe within the body and send the specially correspondent herbal signatures to reintegrate the vitality that is lost when signals fade and distort. The herbs send the signals and messages to the cells and, as modern science acknowledges, it is these cellular signals and pathways that are integral to health.

The mind/body dualism lurking at the core of much Western thought has led to a complete disconnect from Nature, from the self, from life. It is an abstracted life, intellectualized, and detached. So much of the progressive health research is validating what the ancients said about the digestive health as the key to health. The gut/brain connection is likewise acknowledged as the basis for so much of the various issues of processing reality. Life becomes tense, anxious, dissipated when the body is overloaded in toxins, what the Vedic doctors called ama, a sludge like build up of waste. The organs work harder, the blood is thicker, the physiological responses are of stress and compensation leads to increased negative feedback loops of internal and a growing sense of despair signaled through the body. Inflammation, oxidative stress, adrenal fatigue arise which are likely further complicated with stimulants, poor gut microbiome, sleep quality in the perfect storm of ill health.

Fasting, as our recent monograph on the subject demonstrates, was part of the life saving protocol that began our lifetime pursuit of herbal and alchemical mastery. It is part of the yearly, vital protocol to return to the Hyperborean purity of a very light diet and to detoxify from this world in every way from body, mind and spirit. Not to be graphic, but there is so much actual excrement of all types that accrues in the heart and body. For example, even in severe fasts, the amount of actual waste continues well beyond what is ingested in most people. As many studying the deep healing detox know, this amount of stagnant fecal matter becomes compacted in the body, like the sludge that gathers in a sink or other plumbing pipe or like plaque in arteries. Again, the best term for this we have seen is the ama, which is not just fecal matter but the mucous, the tongue coating, the phlegm, the biofilms in the blood from waste or parasitical or other conditions. Ama is translated as meaning “uncooked”. This is the reference to the spiritual and digestive fires that burn out what we ingest. When we cannot cook or burn or metabolize, process or digest food , information, or emotion this becomes a toxic residue that becomes to accumulate and stagnant. Therefore the foods or experiences that should be exalting, healing and nutritional become toxic and disease inducing. Our philosophy on fasting in its fullest form is expressed in the self to Self: Indo-European, Shamanic and Alchemical Fasting.

The original recipe of Paracelsus’ Swedish Bitters is quite different from those being sold today, but they are still quality and we mean those who produce them no disrespect. But Paracelsus was famous for his specific formula which treated impossible cases which only infuriated his enemies and drove him into far ranging exile and seeking refuge from his enemies. Thus he traveled far, into the lands of Tartary learning many secrets. “In Russia, he was taken prisoner by the Tartars and brought before the Grand Cham at whose court he became a great favorite. Finally, he accompanied the Cham’s son on an embassy from China to Constantinople, the city in which the supreme secret, the universal dissolvent (the alkahest) was imparted to him…” But we digress, and return to the laboratory recipes and specific timings and methods of his potent elixirs. As our own health is absolutely linked with these practices, we only make these with the absolute purest intentions and focus. These are the micro-batch, traditional equipment and some take a year to make. Decades of refining the Arts have led to our being able to offer these to devoted clients in our clinical and in limited amounts in our online shop. We use the traditional ferments that create an active culture in the herbs, these are concentrated and then dehydrated with the herbal extract, much how kefir grain or yeast are able to be dried but still be active. All the components, even the theriac are dehydrated to a standardized dosage and encapsulated.

One of these capsules is good for moderate digestive problems or to use when trying to digestive heavy foods. Everyone is very different, if one is never done any kind of detox and eats ‘dirty’ then there might be an extreme reaction of bowel movements. Many take two pills for a deep ama cleanse, the deep, cancel your plans kind of purges on a weekend taking much fresh water and nutritive broths, superfoods etc. to get a deep flush. When we say deep ama, we mean there can be a deep purge of the vilest, foul odor sludge that is infesting the colon and intestinal track. Yogic veterans of these take two several times a day, but with special superfoods supplements and truly engage in the kayakalp level cleansing and cellular detox. Again, our monograph on fasting gives our best advice on safely entering fasts, the different methods and intensity, and herbal allies that are best suited. But for our and client protocols, these are a foundational catalyst to clear out and enter the subtle, purified cleanse that is the Hyperborean diets of ritual fasting.

Dehydrated heritage living Altai steppe cultures that are used to ferment the spagyric extracted essences of all organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic garden grown Licorice, Nutmeg, Aloe, Turkish Rhubarb, Calamus, Myrrh, Zedoary root, Dittany, Gentian, Angelica Root, Kaolin, Carline thistle, Camphor, Tormentilla, Mace, Senna, with Saffron, and living Theriac Venetian in a matrix of living hive cultures. gelcaps are made of a natural mushroom fiber with natural dye. It is actually a double capsule, with a layer of digestive enzymes and then inside a smaller capsule, for a time released effect and to protect the medicines in the digestive tract for optimum effect.