Solar Winter Incense (Yule, Hyperborean Incense)

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The darkness and cold of the winter birthed many rituals and rites to banish the demons of despair, depression and illness. The use of ritual incenses and fumigations goes back to the primordial shamanic tents of sacred entheogenic herbs. These are preserved into the Mystery traditions of the forest and temples, the theurgic sorcery, the tripods of witches and wise women, the braziers of adepts, the censers of the magus. The winter time was particular a time of these smokey rituals, leading up to the Yule nights, with traditional names such as Losnächte (“oracle nights”) because fortunetelling and old divining in the smoke was done by the elders. In some regions, the name Rauchnacht (“smoke night”) was rituals of processions of the sacred incenses around the home, in the barns and fields to bless and drive away pernicious entities.

This is from the middle period German recipes of old magicians used in the winter rites. We use this blend for the majority of our winter rituals, with a nearly psychoactive effect on food and ritualizing the air. The senses are either an enemy or the supreme asset. To engage in healing and ritual one must occupy the senses in the divine correspondences. These are really the herbs of the Hyperborean homeland and the migration area North combined in perfect measure. This is the synergy and power of the old traditions evolving into the new areas, the new regions and times in which it must either adapt or perish. The magus of the Middle period often had to hide their true work under the veneer of dominant faiths or face death. Some embraced the alien doctrines and insinuate the virus into every aspect of their work. One can trace the theological and spiritual implications and decide which path they must take. It becomes a choice of embracing once’s ancestral traditions or accepting the dogma that is based on them being wrong, primitive and evil.

The deeper one probes into the lore, in the rich culture barely hinted at in the fragments, the depth and profound wisdom produces an inner ekstasis. Burning these sacred herbs in the engrossed research of the lore unlocks visionary flashes of runic symbols, of scenes of the past in full glory. The beauty of lore speaks to the people that retained its heritage in the face of the anti-traditions crusades, inquisitions and genocides. One can know the folk soul of a people by what they held sacred, their rituals, and the intentions behind their deeds. The esoteric truths and initiatory ways is in our blood and soul, the plants and surviving lore are the catalysts to remember and awaken from the spell cast upon us by those that have waged complete warfare on the Primordial Tradition for aeons. We invite you to read our treatise on the Winter Rituals, the Greater Yule and the shamanic heritage of this season as well as use this incense to infuse your space with the sacred, numinous energy of the old world forests.

A mix of Hyperborean resins of the homeland, the Alpine herbs, and the forest scents of deep pristine woods of Germany.