Strategic Permaculture v.1


Magus Publishing was created as an autonomous, solar-operated micropress, to produce the zines, pamphlets, monographs, booklets, herbals, almanacs, etc. that are the distillation of our Guild and Research Society’s research. We wish to produce the type of works that we would want to read after a day’s labor, or to further our research, to challenge our thinking, to learn from others’ wisdoms, mistakes, and study the lore of our ancestors.

We have been planning and constructing our own Asgard, our own Corbenic in the remote mountain region of the North. Here is a series documenting our philosophical ethos, design principles, and execution of real world exoteric and esoteric considerations in building Traditional rural pagan communities. The term pagan is not ideal, nor is heathen, and we wish to distinguish from the neo-pagan, who are often radical progressives or extremists in politics or social agendas. If we are extreme, it is in being autonomous, self-reliant, insulated and secure from as much of the outside world as possible. We are extreme in our herbalist and alchemical studies, our Philosophical and occult pursuits and have worked for decades to build a theurgic temple to the Gods as well as a place to practice, withdraw and quietly pursue the Great Work.

We have the fields for food, the forest for the rituals, and the small domestic area nestled within. We want as little intrusion into our pure land as possible and just want to be left to do our Work. Our infrastructure is a fusion between the principles of permaculture and the defense strategies to maintain and protect all that for which we labor.

As this is a series, the subsequent volumes will explore projects and deeper aspects in greater detail. The first volume is an overview of terms, concepts, praxis of our property, with European history, folklore and quotations within the text. It is also something of a commentary of the Havamal and exposition of the Hyperborean, or classical, traditional pagan worldview.

We have sincerely implemented these works or are in the process of doing so of every topic discussed. Thus, this is a first-hand, realistic discussion of our situation. We honor the folklore, folkcraft, folk medicine, and simple country life of our ancestors. Only those that truly love, that truly value life and its purpose are ready to defend it at all costs. This is our design to survive, thrive and defend our way of life.