These are the style tonics that see people through the worst types of malaise and conditions. We draw upon these when that deep fatigue hits, after tick bites, too much carousing, too much feasting, or the wrong kind. To break and start fasts, to recover from any ailments that hit you on the trail or at home, we take the heroic doses of this and wake up the immune system defenses. We take a big shot of this and it is a focused powerhouse to have in the medicine kit. It is almost to the point we would say its crucial for certain situations. When you need to bring the one punch, sure shot, bullet proof solution to whatever has you feeling low and ill, weak and infirmed. It is a vital tonic in treatments of tick borne conditions, using the native and mountain men formula, refined over decades as the tick situations have increased in dire effects.

We must use constrained language, for a variety of reasons. But the pernicious and nefarious situations that have arisen are not organic in origins. Health is our greatest wealth and the target of some dark agendas. Our very genetics crave these vital herbs, a proprietary blend of the most potent ancestral herbs that form a powerful synergy that awakens the body’s own responses.