2o.z Artisan, cobalt blue bottle, Swiss Birch bud extract, 12 cell salt essence

Decades of clinical herbalism, apprenticeships to masters, dedicated research and practice confirm so much of the ancient wisdom and understanding of health. The vital energy of growing plants, the effects of bioavailable trace minerals on organs, all contribute to that subtle vitality of cellular regeneration at the core of healing. These are well established and cherished therapeutics, especially in Europe, where they have loyal followings especially amongst the cognoscenti. Oligotherapy and gemmotherapy represent the pinnacle of ancient and modern herbal therapy, the true alchemical heritage of masters such as Paracelsus. Oligotherapy is the use of trace minerals providing the body with ions it cannot synthesize and that are indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions. This is the foundation of this therapy, with the spagyric trace minerals extracted from the plants that are used to make the living tinctures. This is combined with gemmotherapy, which is the use of embryological tissues of plants to enhance organ function, tissue regeneration and detoxification.

This is a biothereaputic method of using the buds, and young shoots of trees and shrubs, in this case the mighty healing birch. The embryonic stem cells of birch are harvested in tune with the alchemical seasons, in the emergent spring, with the vigor and vitality of regrowth and rebirth alive and thriving in each cell. The delicate harvesting and culture preserves active gibberellins and auxins hormones, regenerating cells, detoxifying lymph and cellular waste stimulating emunctory functions of various organs and glands (organs or ducts that remove or carry waste from the body).This is a spagyric phytotherapy giving a full spectrum of antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids. This is a popular item requested online, used in our lyme protocol for stiffness and immune balance. 200:1 ratio.

Birch is used in gemmotherapy for healthy joints, abdominal issues, immune system, may help remove uric acid in the body‚ support cardiovascular health‚ and support the respiratory system. We use a 12 cell salts mother tincture for infusing this with the full range of tissue nourishing cell salts. This combines for a truly alchemical elixir that is small batch, artisan produced from the lush Swiss birch, processed in the apothecary laboratories using a synthesis of traditional equipment and cutting edge tissue culture. We thank you for your support. We present only about 5 percent of our apothecary online do to time constraints and patient loads, but if you are seeking other custom extractions, please contact we might be have it already just not onto the site. Small batch, artisan made, highest quality. 1 dropper in a glass water.

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