Tuisto (or Tuisco) is the divine ancestor of the Germanic peoples. Tacitus relates that “ancient songs” (Latin carminibus antiquis) of the Germanic peoples celebrated Tuisto as “a god, born of the earth” (deum terra editum) and living near the Ocean (proximi Oceano), in the interior (medii), and thus is the perfect name for this precious pure magnesium oil (magnesium chloride brine) from the deep deposits of the Ancient Zechstein Sea in Germany. You can see people all over at outdoor markets selling miracles pain oils and creams, and they work on the spot for sore muscles stiff joints and pains associated with arthritis or tired, over worked body. But the reason for this is no miracle its a magnesium deficiency, and you can no more ancient, pure and protected and famous for its spa miracle cures from Germany’s Zechstein Sea deep water deposits. We consider this spray an absolute necessity in our work outs and work, and it easily absorbs into skin, giving an instant tingling. Read up on magnesium deficiency and try our ancestral sourced mineral rich magnesium oil. Check out our other energy and vitality boosting herbal blends and more coming soon to maximize your life and work and workout using the power of our ancestral true folk medicine