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There are certain initiatic texts in the mythos and lore that are so vital to consider that we study them with special attention. We engage the text with a variety of translations, studies of the primary material and original language and seek out the best commentary and contextual and comparative studies. As an esoteric practice, we isolate the text and meditate upon its multivalent meanings, the symbolism, the patterns encoded within.

There are some texts that contain so much of the lore, so much initiatory detail and cosmology that their importance can hardly be stated. Such profound storehouses of the Master Narratives will contain exoteric and esoteric traces within the Narrative. There is usually a quest or ordeal to set the tone of such works. There is usually a contest, a test, a battle of magic or wisdom, a search for some empowering magical information or the appraisal of the candidate for initiation. These themes are part of the Indo-European traditions from the oldest mythos of heroes through the Viking Age into the Grail myths.

To ask the correct questions, to be able to answer the most arcane riddles is a test of one’s status as an initiate. It is a test of one’s grasp of reality, of Tradition, of the Memory and knowledge of the lore, of magical techniques and sources of power. The questioning theme is central in initiations, where the candidate will be asked to Remember and give specific answers, as likewise in death they will be held to account for certain knowledge and ways to proceed. Thus we feel this text is crucial to study. There are some brief introductory remarks to consider in the greater context of Mystery Traditions and Memory along with stunning visual representations of the Gods and lore as a theurgic engagement to the senses.

Such texts conceal a secret to immortality, to conquering the Abyss, the template for this specific training and taken as a whole they give a true and complete esoteric system that is a pure expression of the alchemical Tradition of apotheosis.

In a world of frivolous waste and distractions, we thank you for your support. Many are supporting the most degenerate content seeking to numb themselves from the pain and crisis of Being. Our readers are investing in deep esoteric and exoteric research to confront the situation we are facing. What we pay attention to, we feed and nourish. Those wandering and seeking will find the keys of the Mysteries within these texts. We offer them in the most independent, anonymous, and humble way we can to propagate, preserve and protect this last remnant in this Wolf’s Age.

Life is precious, time is crucial. The priorities must be the occult war and spiritual combat, the true self work that all conspires to distract and distort. Our ancestors faced genocides and wars, calamity and endless chaos of weather, faminine, disease and oppression. Yet the Tradition remained as they did not have excuses, nor relegate their Way to the remains of the day, the leftover time, or as some hobby. To engage in the Great Work, the engagement in the study of the Mysteries is a furious, endless, disciplined task of ordeals and tests, of training and overcoming. We hope the serious, sincere student of these Traditions might join in our research and alchemical missionary work through the Hyperborean Research Society, or support our Guild shops and independent publishing through obtaining our publications.

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