4 oz of 4 wildcrafted forest mushrooms, Lion’s Mane, Ganoderma lucidum, and Ganoderrma tsugae and Chaga. Full Spectrum Dual extract, in organic non-gmo spirits, with calcined salts (this is traditional method of reducing the plant material to ash, purifying it until the mineral “salts” remain, then infusing them back into the tincture for retaining the minerals of the forest) for minerals, trace minerals and bio -availability. Free Morale Patch! A symbol of protection and finding your way, this patch is to symbolize us finding our ancestral path, the path to health, the path back to Nature. These are powerful mushrooms that aid the body to regain its vital essence, energy and focus. From balancing adrenal and immune system, to giving a restful sleep and calm, focused mind, to helping liver and heart, these are the natural medicines that are famous worldwide for their tonic effects.

Our health philosophy is using the local or native plants of where one lives, coupled with the ancestral plants of one’s people, and finally the enlightened use of power herbs and combinations as a third tier in the protocol, many of these are from India (as the Indo-European tradition implies and the sacred soma plant cults can be traced back to the Northern migrations). The mineral dense and virgin forests of Canada has some of the best medicinal fungi, and their historical connections with the Vikings makes this a special offering!

Vinland was the Old Norse name given to the North American region discovered by the Vikings with Leif Erikson circa 1000, about 5 centuries before Columbus. Our mushrooms are wildcrafted from the New England/Canadian Border in pristine forests. These are the perfect mycomedicinals, or medicinal mushrooms, to balance your immune system.

2 species of Reishi mushroom Ganoderma lucidum, and Ganoderrma tsugae! Sometimes the immune system needs stimulation, other times its over active causing auto-immune disorders. The synergy with these mushrooms, especially with the Ganoderma tsugae, can help reset and restore that balance that is off-set with the bodies feedback loop responses of stress and adrenal fatigue. A related polypore is Ganoderma lucidum, the immune supporting and cardiovascular tonic, that is also full of antioxidants, liver protection, antibacterial, antiviral properties.

Next is the rapidly gaining in popularity, the chaga mushroom, packed with polysaccarides that signal cells to balance and regain proper function. These provide energy, intestinal and liver support, promote healthy blood sugar levels, and it really is known to help inflammation and improve physical endurance. The FDA does not allow medical claims but it is used for the worst illnesses in folk traditions.

Finally (not pictured in the product because we use it all and its more rare than the others) is Lion’s Mane which is a great nootropic, or a substance that enhances brain function. The uses also are of cardiovascular health, digestive health, inflammation, but also, and this is true of Ganoderma lucidum (the Latin lucidum is lucid or clear mind) or reishi, can induce a state of well-being or mental health, as well as boost immune system. These fungi are used by many mystics to enhance meditation, especially in Chinese Daoist adepts, who use them to fast and meditate and heal for extreme longevity.

Our mission is to bring quality, organic, wildcrafted traditional products to the folks, at a price and in a way they can afford that is sustainable and mutually beneficial. We do historic research, teachings and workshops, invest in sustainable networks and our guild model of craftsmen and women. We invest in preservation, do native plant missions, and use your investment in us to expand. Your purchase is support for us, and we intend to repay that investment in your health and trust with us with quality and demonstrate our honor by reciprocating the highest quality, with gifts and educational lore and resources to inspire, motivate and inform. We thank you for looking!

We make no medical claims and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.