We have been wanting to post this amazing elixir, but it is so popular in our clinical practice that we often sell out before it gets to the larger market. We made extra batch this year and can now present one of our favorite tonics. Gemmotherapy is a branch of progressive herbalism or phytotherapy that uses the embryological tissues of plants to enhance organ function and facilitate tissue regeneration, encouraging toxin elimination by directing them towards the emunctories. Oligotherapy is based on trace elements, these minerals that are present in very tiny quantities in our organism and are essential for the good functioning of our healt. Spagyrics is the apex of Western herbalism that processes the whole plant and recombines the vital parts into a truly dynamic elixir. We have integrated these methods in producing the superior tonics and herbal medicines that are formulated from the elite herbs of Europe. We can advise giving the best protocols for the use, as the suggested doses given by most are not relevant to these true medicines, that factor in lifestyle, age, health goals or issues in finding the best dosage and timing. All orders come with a pamphlet on the philosophy and science behind these uses which are among the best used in the finest spas and apothecary in Europe. We are also happy to answer any questions.

Black Currant or Ribes Nigrum is wild all over Northern Europe. Our is from our Northern guild wildcrafters who harvest the buds and immediatly macerate them in spagyricly rectified (a European technique of purifying and making the perfect menstrum for the herbs) artisan red wine and pure organic vegetable glycerin and spagyric plant derived mineral salts that are dissolved and microfiltered into the integrated elixir. Black Currant was known as an “elixir of long life” in Northern European medicine, as it increase immune system, promotes cellular and organ tissue detoxification, which is the true healing of the body. The time of harvesting is crucial, and the ancients understood this in assigning planetary correspondences and sympathies of when to plant and harvest plants. In the spring time, at just the precise time the young shoots have the embryonic nutrients and stem cells present. These are extremely therapeutic in scavenging for free radical damage in the body that is caused by oxidative stress. Its clinical uses are for brain health and mood, muscular and joint issues, blood sugar regulation, stimulating metabolism, detoxification, reproductive health. Many therapists note its use as an anti-allergenic and adaptogenic effects which aids in chronic health issues, infections, stress and fatigue, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and cardiovascular health. We consider this a prime therapy for adrenal support and for those with a distressed emotional life that has begun to effect their health.

All medicines are signals to cells, and in these modern times, the gemmotherapy integrated elixirs that we use are part of our protocols of Noetic Herbalism. This is engaging the body, mind and spirit in regaining and cultivating a deep healing and true health by addressing the core issues of illness and dis-ease. These include lifestyle changes and making the path of healing a spiritual quest that infuses life with meaning. This is to be the best versions of our self, to be resilient, strong and healthy to pursue self-mastery and to be able to be apart of the lives of friends and family in a healthy way. The feedback loops of adrenal stress, fatigue and modern life register deeply in our inner world, a malaise and demoralization creeps in and we must address the physiological connections between mind and body and re-integrate these aspects within. This is the core of all ancient shamanic healing, of all ancestral therapies and increasingly, the cutting edge of modern medicine that understands the mind’s role in articulating the cellular functions in the body. Just as a caged animal can become sick and lethargic, refuse to mate and die, many are suffering from an exile from a connection of self, to nature and to the sacred experience of life. True elixirs are to be taken in a reverence and intention, with religious or spiritual devotion to creating a new order of being, a no mode of relation to life and transmuting into a new, better version of the self. The gestures of spagyric medicines to the body encompass the artisan quality ingredients and the traditional processing that creates a truly refined, bio-available and healing product. We invite you to be rejuvenated with our gemmotherapy elixirs, and black currant is one of the most superior.

Your purchases support a guild of clinical herbalists, wildcrafters, artisans and crafts folk who are stewards of the land, the lore and the Old Ways. We seek to preserve the herbal traditions of Northern Europe, the precious genetic relationship between the land and the people expressed in the plants, mushrooms and trees of the rural traditions. We seek to create abundance and healing in our broader alchemical work, building up healthy allies and creating viable, sustainable clan and kin domains, forest laboratories and thriving forest farms. We thank you for your support!