We present the elite adaptogenic superfood from the frosty Northern mountains. This has been the best kept secret dating back to the ancient times as used by the the Kinds and Czars and elite warriors. By popular demand we present this herbal treasure in a concentrated spagyric tincture, a Swiss technique of herbal medicine refined over centuries. This is a highly aphrodisiac and energy boosting tincture. Our favorite for the erotic rites and the beserker kettlebell sessions, no reps, swing until exhaustion. The recovery with taking the herbs and the training is the best kept secret of the Russian elite athletes. We use traditional glassware and ancestral herbs and healing arts for catalysts to true radiant health, dynamic healing and a deeper way of life. Microbatch 2 oz.

The use of velvet antlers for medicinal uses goes back into the mists of times, back to the common tribal heritages of the shamanic Indo-Europeans. The Chinese, in close contact with these Northern tribes as evidenced by the red headed mummies of the Tarrim Basin, (who had pointed hats and jars of magical herbs), have scrolls documenting the use from deer antlers dating back 2000 years. In Russia there is evidence since at least the 1400s, where they were called horns of gold. They have since become farmed and wild harvested in Russia on large scale. The studies in this country, though we make no medical claims, validates the folk uses as used in healing damaged neural tissues, and anti-aging, and especially used in arthritis. It is a renewable resource, ethically harvested and the animals are never killed from our suppliers and treated as sacred almost semi-divine animals. Again these are famous in Russia for their uses of improving energy level, helps to build muscular strength, stamina, and many buy it for increase in bone muscle and bone density mass, plasma testosterone increase, decrease of oxidative activity in liver and brain, liver protein content increase and increase in production of Human Growth Hormone as well as altering metabolism for weight loss. It is used by many men for increase of libido and sexual performance, regenerating heart muscle, blood building effects, immune system, anti-inflammatory, high antioxidant, anti-stress, and immunomodulation activity. We have had all kinds from Russian and Chinese, Finland etc. style antlers and nothing can compare with these. We have a decent supply and engage in fair trade for bulk of these and many more products soon to appear on here included maral root, rhodiola, cedar nuts, and forest moss and handcrafts. We thank you for your support in continuing the traditional ways in an ethical manner. We reinvest these funds into projects and products that bring healing and awaken the genetic code of traditions deep within us. Modern society is a perfect storm of stress, pollution, poor eating and lifestyle. The best we can do for ourselves, our family, our tribe and our ancestors is to take care of ourselves and become strong, dynamic and powerful sources of strength for those that we love and are kindred. Our tribe and family thanks you!

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