Wildcrafted Spagyric mountain Baikal Skullcap Scutellaria baicalensis. 2 0z.

This is a special grade of wildcrafted skullcap, from the Lake Baikal region of Siberian Russia. Those reading our Hyperborean monographs will note the special ancestral location of this region to the Original People. It is a sacred medicine for thousands of years, traditionally used for anxiety, nervous tension and insomnia as well as fever, jaundice or other liver disorders, prostate, lungs, arthritis and inflammation as well as UTI and digestive issues. It is used in TCM for ‘hot and damp’ conditions and too many folk uses to mention. It can cause drowsiness in some people, or intentionally as a sleep aid, and also for calming the nerves and mind for meditation, or before visionary rituals to facilitate a serene experience. Our roots are sustainably harvested from four year old plants with care for sustainable harvests as well as optimal autumn harvest. We macerate our spagyric tinctures at body temperature, in our classical hand-blown glass demijohns. We subject the tinctures to the full spectrum theurgic herbalism, in period of lunar and solar cycles and circulation in traditional vessels. The solar calcinated minerals salts are reinfused, making this a true elixir and spagyric medicine. Baikal skullcap stimulates the immune system, has anti-allergic effects and is useful for treating hay fever symptoms. Its antiviral and antibacterial activity is broad, Baikal skullcap inhibits bacteria and germs and is a great aid to cardiovascular health. It is not to be used by pregnant or nursing women or mixed with medications. Dosages can very greatly from person to person. Some can tolerate up to 2x full droppers 4x times a day, others benefit from microdosing smaller amounts. It is great for creating the positive feedback loops of true noetic medicine. So much inflammation and stress is caused by the signals of the psychosomatic processes that create a sense of tension and oxidation in the body. To pursue a deep meditation and relaxation with our botanical allies is the core of the herbalist path. This is a plant to build a relationship with in quiet moments to gather the calm abiding and peace. It is used to consciously signal and silence the whispering mind that undermines true peace and clarity. It is a tonic imprinted with the theurgic messages of a true peace and relaxation in our laboratory as temple. As science comes to grip with the role of the human observer, the consciousness at the core of reality that influences reality and potential outcomes, it is imperative to define ourselves to ourselves. It is vital to have a grounding in the spiritual truths of our ancestral traditions, in ritual communion that bridges the Cartesian duality of mind and body through the messenger of the gods as spirit. Our ancestors new of the profound psychological role of health in the catharsis of the ritual temples and the Hyperborean rites. We must alchemically transmute the wayward psychic energy from this sick world and define the ritual space, the internal crucible our inner Great Work.