Wunjo is the rune of Joy and balance, and we present our Wunjo Tonic of Nordic herbs and minerals to help boos your joy and harmony in this beautiful season. These are ancestral superfoods of the North, packed with vitamins and minerals and complex spectrum of polyphenols and anti-oxidants. A unique spagyric preparation of Nordic wildcrafted elderberries and flowers and oak-aged rectified European brandy infused with organic single source linen honey. We infuse our spagyrically prepared cells salts (and the calcinated and refined salts of the herbs used) following the Iatro-chemical and spagyrical arts of Paracelsus and Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. This is follows the precise methods of seasonal and hourly considerations, rectified in just above room temperature traditional alembics in an age old process by which the berries, herbs and honey is fermented and distilled and infused with a spagyrically rectified brandy to concentrate and superinfuse with traditionally prepared mothers of selt salts. Spagyrics applies energetic process that “philosophically” open up the plant’s signatures that communicate to cells. Life is the call and response of healthy conversation, of animals mating and hunting, down to a cellular communication which modern science tries to describe polyphenols in cell-cell interaction and communication. Spagyric herbalism acts upon the understanding that man is a microcosm, and that there is a subtle relationship of correspondences that influence our health. The ancients called them demons, the moderns, germs, but three people can be subjected germs or a virus, and intangibles in the immune system can make predicting the outcome impossible. Another example is the studies of all the diseases, bacteria and germs found on a cutting board or cell phone, effecting mostly those with weak immune systems either from age, disease etc. And while make no medical claims, we feel that this process is refreshing connection to that Northern ancestral energy that saw a people through waves of Ice Ages, catacylsms, war and plagues. We hope you enjoy this a spring tonic, its delicious in warm water as a tea, over ice with water or mineral water, or in a concentrated dose by the spoonful for those under the weather days. An absolute traditional farmer’s market favorite for us for years.