Strategic Permaculture – Project Asgard

Strategic Permaculture v.1 available Winter Solstice

There have been many dynamic groups doing initiatives to rally the people towards specific goals or agendas. Some are orientated towards creating a warrior mindset with tactical, scenario-based training, a favorite being projects like Operation Valkyrie by the Tactical Rifleman group others have taught people methods of self-reliance, homesteading etc. like Living Web Farms or the New Alchemy Institute. We have been working on the esoteric aspects of our Guild research with the Hyperborean Research Society. We are now launching a more exoteric initiative: Project Asgard, that is mission-specific education and planning for creating dynamic, secure rural communities.

This will include a series of writings on strategy, design, financing and obtaining land, grants, resources for permaculture and regenerative and integrative agriculture, to seed banks, sharing heritage breeds, artisan tool projects, craft schools, and Traditionalist skills for homesteading and establishing kin domains and land.

We rarely check social media but are shocked so many still are focused on such trivial and distracting things with the coming tidal waves of changes and devastation that are set to be upon us. We hope this new series is a gut-punch of reality to those who feel deep within that something massive is about to be unleashed and who larp or fantasize about their level of preparations and planning for the Fimbulvetr.