New Permaculture Section!

We are opening a new article section on our main site on permaculture. To set things off properly, we give the stimulating periodicals of a cutting edge groups of researchers in avant garde ecology, sustainability, bioshelters, water management, organic food production. The deep alchemical insights into preserving resources and achieving maximum results with minimum imput and impact are the goal of this wise collective. It was a think tank on the possibilities of a convergence of right thinking and deep minds. These writings expose the lies of modern agriculture and myths of scarcity as lack of visionary change to the suppression of a viable, productive, organic way of life by corporate and industrial agriculture.

The New Alchemists on “Among our major tasks is the creation of ecologically derived forms of energy, agriculture, aquaculture, housing and landscapes, that will permit a revitalization and repopulation of the countryside”

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