This issue of Magus is a discussion of entheogenic plants of the Indo-European tradition, with a focus on the indigenous ancient initiatory heritage of the North. More than simply listing the evidence and folklore of the various herbs and fungi, it is a manual of shamanic technology, warrior/hunter training, and regaining the master narrative of the Hyperborean world view through gnosis of the Polar tradition. This is a concise reassertion of the Northern visionary initiation away from the anti-tradition and false narratives of synthetic psychedelics and the manufactured counter-culture. The root cause of so many diseases stem from the alienation from functional and initiatory interpretations of the lore. This is the spiritual sickness of ancestral amnesia, regained through the shamanic use of one’s ancestral plants within the Tradition. This is a guide for those that would aim their focus to the Great Work of the Magus as expressed in the acquisition of power and an energy in the self-initiation of Northern plant shamanic training. This is combined with the deep research of ancestral knowledge in the gnostic tasting and remembering of primordial memories. These two forces encompass a balanced pursuit of the Mysteries with the warrior’s discipline, strength and martial prowess to protect and preserve these traditions.

We thank you all so much for supporting these works and side projects. All proceeds are invested in rare texts for future issues, and we distill our intense research to help the true seekers to awaken and remember the true noble, honorable and wise path of the Northern Tradition. As we note, the Viking Age was the dusk of the pagan era, the last gasp, the true indigenous shamanic and magical lore date back to the purely subtle spiritual Hyperborean Mystery traditions. These cults of the Northern wind brought the specific healing and visionary enthusiastic wisdom to the Mystery centers all over Europe. These were violently suppressed, driven under ground where they are encoded in our memories. The visionary rites awaken these dormant truths, as we drink and taste the gnosis or knowledge of the path, the remembrance of the sacred meaning of life as a heroic and initiatory quest. The ancestors left the skeleton keys to these long locked doors to the past in the lore, in their art and mythos. This issue is shipped from a remote retreat location, so even though the ship time is a bit longer it will still likely ship in the usual time.