Hermes/Mercury (Theurgic Reader)

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The Theurgic Readers are a series to present a metasigil, a Philosophical and theurgic brevery to certain Gods. It is composed of our most cherished depictions of these Gods as an artistic devotional with invocations, poems, tractates of the Hermetic and Hyperborean Wisdom. There is no intrusive modern commentary or attempt at interpretation, just the pure gnosis of these complex ancestral entities.

This series is of Hermes/Mercury, the God of magic, alchemy, thieves and poets, of merchants and the Messenger and Psychopomp. We have chosen our favorite translations (such as from Taylor, Shelley, Myatt, etc.) for a diverse range of interpretation and those that retain the most ‘pagan’ or alchemical tone. Subsequent volumes will include essays, commentary and theurgic material from the Hyperborean Research Society.