High Grade Wildcrafted Myrrh Resin Incense (50g). Comes in a foil ziploc pouch with two charcoal discs.

The authentic traditions, untainted by pathological spiritual viruses of certain cults, is a legitimate, dynamic means for true-self initiation. It is a silent, solitary, secret path of inner work that is a way through the labyrinth of the anti-tradition. The occult traps, the New Age distortions, the infiltrated European traditions infected with kabbalistic abstractions into spiritual vampirism are severed with the penetrating wisdom of the Goddess.

The telestic rites, the aimed intentions of the pure occult sciences prepare one for the occult wars against the demon hordes that seek to debase life into the dark, nihilistic perversions of creation. The light and dark must be balanced, there is a time for the necromantic, assault sorcery and the wrathful aspects of blood and sacrifice. Likewise there are the ennobling, the return from man to wolf to God. This is the real witchcraft, not the quasi-masonic inventions of the Victorian era. But to those in sincere empathic connection, any system can be valid, reconstructed, ancient or invented. The added strength of authentic Tradition, created by the ancestral wisdom accrued of unfathomable amounts of time and space. To the right person, there is no wrong words. To the wrong person, there are no right words.

The telestic rite, in an oracle related from Hekete, the goddess of crossroads who represents the Cosmic Soul, says: “But execute my statue, purifying it as I shall instruct you. Make a form from wild rue and decorate it with small animals, such as lizards which live about the house. Rub a mixture of myrrh, gum, and frankincense with these animals, and out in the clear air under the waxing moon, complete this (statue) yourself while offering the following prayer…”

honeycombs, myrrh and other aromatic substances complete the picture of Pythagorean religiosity;

The first step is for the soul to recognise her own deified Self. This is achieved by the practice of psychic catharsis or spiritual purification.
The next step is for the soul to gain a pure vision of the divinity she worships. This is the natural result of mystic contemplation.
The third step is for these two, that is the holy soul and her deity, to come into a close contact with each other. This is called conjunction (sustasis).
The fourth step is the mingling of these two, resulting in a momentary but genuine union (henosis). This is the result of spiritual ascent (anagoge).
The ultimate step is the true deification of the soul that can only result from the habit of continuous and sustained engagement in the previous steps.

Proclus,writes Neoplatonic scholar Ruth Majercik, taught “the higher levels of ascent would involve not only a process of intelligible or noetic contemplation, but a type of ‘higher’ theurgy as well, this latter involving the use of ‘perfect’ prayer, synthemata, noetic hymning, sacred silences, theurgic ‘faith’, the anthos nou – all of which had the power to elevate the soul and effect union with various aspects of the intelligible world, including the One itself”