Wildcrafted White Sage Bundles

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The initiatory sickness, the terminal diagnosis forced the ultimatum of life and death. The path of poison and oblivion into the abyss removed the abstractions, the role playing, the pseudo-intellectual dabbling, or occult exotica of playing medicine man. It is the death grip initiation into the shamanic worldview. The encroaching darkness left few choices, the heroic path of the warrior to confront death and die on one’s terms was the only and the best path. The shamanic and physician’s true calling to heal thyself forced the immediacy that threatened life just as it should be thriving. The search for true masters began, the unraveling of sickness, from internal and external forces, injections and injunctions, the convergence of spiritual and physical sickness.

The shamanic path began the quest for sacred plants, the search for Big Medicine. Secret societies intent on preserving powerful plants, outlaw treks to strange jungle hermits, on the absolute quest to know every plant teacher. Our motto was no stone left unturned, and using the writings of Richard Evans Schultes, Jonathon Ott, Christian Ratsch, and others, we sought and consumed every plant entheogen that was listed in these texts. We sought the reconstruction of the lost old world mythological sacraments, the soma, the ambrosia, the kykeon and moly, the amrita and the sacred incenses of the Mystery Schools, ethnomycological secrets of ancient cults, the elixirs of the alchemists and roots and ungents of the wise women. The shamanic path is of very powerful spiritual technology, fraught with the lower astral dangers and psychological traumas.

The uses of sacred incenses in the visionary rites is the supreme foundation of establishing ritual space. From the Daoists incense cults to the herbal resins of the vegetalismo, the clearing of the air from the clinging parasitic forces is not some primitive superstition. The entities, likewise, are beyond mere psychological projections, having sentience and persistence in the lore in clear ways. Those looking to banish dark moods, odors, and energy can likewise use these incenses and note the aromatherapy and psychological effects. So much more is the effect in the climax of ritual ekstasis. It is grounding, protective, comforting and can be used to cleanse, heal and purify. The absolute insight of the shamanic seers into the true reality unveils a world of root causes of illness, of the spiritual combats and subtle darts and thorns of maladies, the tethers and bindings of parasitic entities and people. The shaman can see sudden, instant reversal the most dire cases of pain, illness, addictions from rituals. There is no false claim or charlatanism, but the mutual blending of consciousness into the viscous astral ether, where deep flashing intuitions visualize. The patient becomes active in their curing, their healing is becoming whole, retrieving part of themselves, reintegrating the divided aspects of their reality. So much disease and psychological issues are lost of trust in traumas by loved ones. The path of a normal life, of senses of context of support and loyalty, a template for healthy, normal relationships is often denied to those forced on this path. It is a willing leap into the void and the underworld to recover one’s life, and the humble mission to guide some few others who want to listen to the whispers of plants and the languages of birds.

The deepest shamanic plant master teachers are the herbs themselves, with high ranking plants that are the guides to the kingdom. Some plants are skeleton keys unlocking the closed gates of the inner secrets. These plants are allies for meditation and developing the healer’s deep empathy and intuition. These are messenger herbs that communicate in ways to know, out of countless possibilities, the herbs this or that person needs. One such plant is white sage, one of the most spiritual botanical allies of this continent.

We use the funds to ethically harvest and preserve indigenous cultures, shamanic technologies and forest mystery traditions. Your purchase is reinvested in spreading medicine and fair trade ritual items and herbs. We thank you for reading.