Magus Vol. 5


The lore contains the lost unified wisdom that only survives in the scattered, distorted fragments. This was a lore of initiation into the astrotheology and cosmology that was as above and so below to the entheogenic and chthonic Mysteries. In our forensic mythological research, we have searched for the deep lore of the Yule season and the secrets of the Great Winter. We present our research to those seeking to study the Hyperborean lore that birthed the legacy cultures that retained the fragments of a greater wisdom. This is for those remembering the old ways in their own personal traditions. This is for those that are seeking self initiation in the poetic truths of their ancestors. The broad scope of Winter myths shows the diversity of interpreting sacred truths. We must use the lore as a map to blaze new trails through the wilderness in our return back home.

Issue 5 includes sections including the Dark Ages, Winter Rites, Ice Shamans and the Occult Wars.