Berberis/Mahonia aquifolium
100 grams
fresh dried c/s
wildcrafted, pristine, ethical harvest

One of the best North American plant allies is the Oregon Grape root. A great tonic herb for the liver and skin, as well as for stomach ulcers, GERD, bowel cleansing and to treat stubbon infections. Often used in lyme protocols. This is a perfect herb to buy in small amounts as it is not for daily use. It is best used as needed for digestive issues and as a detoxification herb in short duration. Also said to increase bone health. Steep the herb for tea is best for detox regimens.

We have our wildcrafting masters everywhere, ethical, fair trade old ways herbalists harvesting the best of the Old and New World. Berserker Bushkraft brings the foundation of our herbal system, regional and local herbs, from one’s own land and continent. We emphasize regional local herbs to North America, while the guild members in Asatru Apothecary focus on European herbs, and our guild also also exotic Indo-European traditional herbs found in the Ayurvedic and Siddha traditions as well. Contact for details. Specializing in men’s herbs, martial arts and strength training, aphrodisiacs and energy herbal power from elite traditions. Many more wildcrafted herbs and fungi from North America coming soon.

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