We find the most worthwhile actions will always be of benefit on many different levels. When we invest in these herbs we invest in our health, in traditional modes of living, we support herbalists, we support the wildcrafters and we ensure that the Old Ways endure for the next generation. This line of herbs and herbal teas supports an elder, a true wise woman and seer, a master herbalist and healer. These are either wildcrafted from her mountain cabin forest or the little field and garden for the traditional herb gardens grown in organic, mineral rich soil that is sensual and alive. She is a teacher, a healer, a writer and designer of gardens. A mother, a steward of mountains and valleys, we must support such work to ensure the seeds, flowers and trees continue to thrive and propagate. This is part of our Project Asgard for heritage seed banks, and breeding ancient lineage farm animals. Thank you for your purchase supporting ancestral herbs, folk medicine and ensuring heirloom varieties survive and are propagated.

The calming effect of lemon balm tea (Melissa officinalis) can help lower stress levels, is said to improve sleep quality, aid brain health, aid digestive issues, treat infections and protect the heart. Students of Paracelsus (1493-1541) believed that lemon balm was an “elixir of life” and would increase strength and lengthen life and said it should be planted all over. He had special complicated elixirs that we make from this herb but that are available to those that inquire, called the “Ens” and it is much used in spagyric formula. It is even a decent replacement for ‘curry leaves’ in some Ayurvedic recipes. But its an excellent tea herb, calming, mood boosting, spiritual in the soothing, uplifting way that has its used cherished by mystics and and spiritual herbalists. Its name connotes its associations with bees and it attracts bees and is used to encourage honey production. A cup of hot lemon balm tea with honey is a healing, meditative action and should be incorporated into the protocols of those with various nervous inclinations, triggering emotional responses, tension, demoralization as it is a spirit nourishing herb.